Andrew White Guitars


I did my research on my journey to picking up a really great acoustic instrument. Price was an obvious concern but not my overriding decision maker. I wanted value. After much time and research I chose my Andrew White Freja. I have been so impressed with the value of my choice. I do not believe that I could have chosen a better Acoustic Guitar at the price point. One day I will commission a build for my Heirloom and Andrew White is on a very short list of Luthiers that I will consider. If you have a chance to pick one up and play it you will be impressed.

Most beautiful body shapes, never seen any like that. Beautiful tone and volume despite smaller body, which demonstrates true know how that flowed into the instruments. I hope that over time Andrews guitars will bring about a paradigm shift on the guitar market, and other brands, too, will start experimenting with shapes, woods and tone much more

The first time heard the sound of that guitar...I know this is the one that I am looking for. Even though when the musician play it, I couldn't see the mark. Took me a while to find it. By looking into many details on how it is made. It is not just one piece of instrument. It is a piece of art project, and a perfection to sound and notes.
Price might be a bit high if you have a tight budget, but every penny is worth it.

Andrew White's custom guitars are AMAZING! His attention to detail is second to none and his production model guitars can't be beat in their price range. If you have the chance, try one out!

Finally a good guitar maker has found out how to make a perfect production model. Beautiful- in every sense of the word. Andrew connects with people and understands exactly what the player needs and delivers every time. Should be #1.

The best guitar ever got have had a lot but this one going nowhere love it have had some of the others on here gave a lot more but loved this one out of the box love the sound and playability you just need try one

Great guitars, high quality, superior sustain, affordable prices, beautiful to look at, designed by a West Virginia luthier who will personally reach out to chat with his customers. What's not to like.

Playability and beautiful voices out of the box is unmatched in the industry. The beautiful voices are attributed to Andrew's unique designs. I've been to Andrew White's shop in Morgantown, WV and was very impressed with his innovations, attention to detail and quality. The Andrew White line builds hand made features and innovations in a production guitar that will not disappoint you. It is good to do business with a really good person at the top of his profession. Lars Anderson

I was asked to vote for these by Andrew himself...or an employee. I can't remember how I ran into this brand, but I certainly marvel at what that Jakob's Ferry dude can do with them. If my rich uncle dies, or if anybody rich dies, and leaves me money, I will be getting one. Until then, I just struggle to live on my broken income. (I wish it was fixed! )

I love my Andrew White dreadnought! I have several other guitars but the sound from this thing is just out of this world. Once I pick it up, I can't put it down!

Great handmade instruments and some of the best production instruments out there

The best wood materials and seamless craftsmanship! The future of world's best steel string acoustic guitars! Have ONE!

I havnt had the pleasure of owning an Andrew White...but hopefully in the future I will...I have visited the website several times and they sound really nice...I wish they had a finance option...a way to make payments for a couple years...if they had that I would own one now...

Andrew is doing something interesting with his instruments. We've corresponded back and forth, and he is both visionary and traditional craftsman. Be interesting to see where he is in 20 or so years. But, I suspect he'll be at the top of his form and the industry.

Best innovations since Bob Taylor. Great guitars start with great design. Hats off to Andrew White.

I have been a fan for several years, I really love the bracing and rich tone

Really enjoy the constant communication front the company and the beautiful designs.

Great electronics. Beautiful craftsmanship. For the price this guitar is up on the list.

Gorgeous designs flawless intonation a real treat to play.

The best. Idiots vote for the big names have never played an Andrew White.

Just purchased a Freja 1013, Beautiful tone and balance. Made in Korea but well worth the price. I'll take an Andrew any day over the made in Mexico Martins at a similar price range. Well set up right out of the box and a joy to play

Highest quality in the business

Great hand-made guitars with a great feel and rich tone.

I love the look and feel of these guitars.

I own a Cybele and it is a spectacular instrument. The quality of his production instruments is amazing given their modest prices. They are made in Korea and the workmanship is flawless.