Recently bought a 2006 Advanced Jumbo. While Martin may be a more consistent brand in terms of tone and quality, when you find the right Gibson you really, really do. I'd like to own a martin in addition one day. Gibson dread and a martin OM or 00 would be a force to be reckoned with

Best guitars I have ever played and I have played hundreds of guitars. I like other acoustic guitars but love gibsons.

I mean come on Gibson is absolutely perfection

Great acoustics and up there with a rich tradition alongside Martin. Their acoustics don't get the same glory as their electrics, but make no mistake.. gibson has some classic designs that are a major part of guitar history on the acoustic side of things. Top shelf

My girl can sing. Busted budget for a Western Classic. So beautiful.

If god played the guitar, he'd play a Gibson...

I have one and it cost me fourteen thousand bananas it is junk because when I plunged it in to the radiator it only heats up my tablets and my feet swell,I couldn't recommend it for such a low price but my twenty five thousand pound yamaha smells better in the snow.

You just can't beat a Gibson, but I do agree that Martin is the only acoustic that can compete with Gibson I believe that Gibson owns Martin..

Nothing beats the overall craftsmanship and tone of a Gibson Acoustic, plugged or not period.

It's all about the quality its total presentation case to life warranty, the brightness of the sound & tone its feels great in my hands.
I own a Songwriters it great.

No way! Gibson makes amazing electric guitars, but their acoustics suck!

Gibson is the best ever I own a songwriter deluxe great guitar!

I have several top of the line guitars. A Martin, A Taylor and a Gibson. I love them all for different reasons. But when it comes to performing, my Gibson SJ 200 is the best. There is nothing like the tone of that guitar!

I will have one someday in this lifetime!

Gibson sounds beautifully as it looks

Gibson Les Paul Studio...enough said!

I have a 1942 j-45 and a 1949 j-45, both are Killers and everybody wants to play them instead of their Martins and Taylors when I take them to the jam sessions...

Workhorse, Looks sound, Played literally hundreds of guitars and Gibson outdoes the rest, Humingbird Pro is my go to guitar

Own 4 gibson acoustic guitars. My best is the gibson sj200 Montana gold. It is one of their most expensive but word every penny.

Along with Martin, Gibson has done what every guitar company would want and that's to establish themselves as iconic brands in their profession. Since I was a little kid the guitars I dreamed of were Martin and Gibson. American made guitars have always been the industry's standard and Gibson is the standard premium of American made guitars therefore the world's standard in guitar making. Many companies do electrics or acoustics very well, but Gibson is unique in the fact they produce world class acoustics along with their famous electrics. Countless guitarists have resourced to Gibson acoustics for some of the best music ever recorded. Whether it be the renowned J-45 or amazingly toneful SJ-200 to the small body L models.. to this day Gibson stands in a small group of truly great companies making acoustic guitars.

Just switched from a martin dx1ae (great guitar for price) to a J 45. It is hands down the best guitar I've ever played. Including electrics. Unbelievably warm sound and super comfortable. This will definitely be my go to acoustic for life.

Gibson hummingbird is the best for me...very good sound and very good quality

Yes I know Gibson is mainly electic but their acoustics are outstanding

Gibson produces good quality acoustic guitars as-well as electric guitars.
Les paul is a
Very good example and for acoustic they produces extremely fantastic guitars such as j-45 and hummingbird.they are one of the fantastic guitars I saw

I have two gibsons, sj 200 pete townshend signature and gibson L 20. Winderfull guitars