Martin & Co.


I don't have a Martin. I was with my mate for a little jam session and he let me play his Martin, I thought he was crazy, trusting me with an artwork like this. And then I played it, I fell in love. The sound was absolutely incredible, the feel of it in my hands was just impossible to explain and it was so aesthetically pleasing. I envy the day I have a Martin in my apparel...

I've played a few acoustics in my days, I've played a taylor, it was nice and clean, a beatiful guitar, then I've played gibsons acoustics, they look and feel amazing, then I've played martins, they look as good and feel as good as a gibby, they sound better than a taylor, its like the best of both worlds.

Guitar royalty. They invented most of what we take for granted on all acoustic guitars: bracing patterns, body sizes, styling, terminology that is common to most acoustics. They are still the standard of quality and are the guitar by which all others are measured.

I come from a Martin family and it is by far the best guitar out there! Superb, full sound! Nothing... I mean nothing compares to a Martin. I own a Martin HD-28V. Pure classic

I currently own Martin, Gibson and Taylor. The Martin sounds so much better, I rarely play my Gibson or Taylor. I did a blindfold test with a few friends. I had them play all three and tell me which they liked best. All three picked my Martin HD-28 over the J-45 and the 816.

I own a DXC15 and it looks and plays amazingly. Martins are by far the best and my favorite of all guitars. I just recently bought a Taylor but I can't compare it to the Martin. I also own a Takamine which is awesome as well. But like I said before, I'm sticking by the Martin's more mellow and deep sound rather than the Taylor and Takamine's also beautiful but higher sounding guitars.

I love so many acoustic guitar makers. They all have their own tones and character therefore all deserve a place in music. However, Martin has done it longer and better than anyone through the years. YOU can thank CF Martin for the styles of guitar you see today. A true visionary and the brilliance of Martin lives on today. Some of the best guitars anywhere in the universe.

Martin Acoustic Guitars are the gold standard. The quality craftsmanship & clean resonant sound stands out even amongst other high end acoustics. Taylor's are a close 2nd in my opinion


I can't believe that Ovation has taken the number one spot. I would never buy anything other than a Martin guitar because no other guitar compares to the sound and quality.

I've owned 3 Taylors, 2 Gibsons, and 7 Martins. They each have their strong suits, and depending on the model, are great guitars. However, I'm now down to one Taylor, one Gibson and 3 Martins. Truth be told, I could eliminate the Gibson and Taylor without feeling a void was created. In fact, my Martin's are the best instruments I have ever played.

Great tones and Martin has really gone back to their roots of making the best guitars in the world. They keep getting better with age and hold their value like no other.

I just bought my first Martin after trying every guitar in 3 stores. My Martin 000-17 Black Smoke is absolutely perfect. Great tone, easy playability. Looks awesome!

Martin is aciustic gold. Platinum even. Since the American guitar was invented they have been the staple of acoustic guitars. A dreadnought from the golden era has every guitarist falling in love. But even today the Martin quality is top shelf world class. All of their American made guitars are not only beautiful but have that Martin tone. They may not produce solidbody electrics or even use tonewoods like maple or very exotic woods, but they have and always will use woods like rosewood, mahogany, spruce, and ebony to the greatest of results. No one does it like Martin does it. Even to this day.

Of course margins are the best I play a twelve string Martin it is fantastic truly fun to play Martin can be a little pricy but it's worth every penny

What idiot put ovation above martin? Martins are THE BEST, and always will be. I have never played anything better. Martin at top followed by Gibson, Taylor, Takamine, Yamaha, Washburn, Alvarez. Fender and Ibanez should not be on this list. Their acoustics are like firewood. - huntermaggert

I've got a Martin, Seagull, and a Takemine currently. I've owned or played Taylor, Ibanez, Guild, Larivee, Yamaha, Ovation and others. My Martins (I'm currently on my third) have been consistently the most balanced sounding guitars.

If you like your sound more midrange-based, or overall brighter, or warmer, then there are great guitars to suit your preference. But for me, if you want the best balance and range of tone, Martin wins every time.

Martin and Taylor are both GREAT guitars. I own them both and my opinion, I'd have to give the crown to Martin. Close race though, very close.

I am having Martin D-28. And I love it more than anything else. I will keep this one for life. If you want an acoustic you should give it a try.

I own a D-42. Purchased after trying every guitar I could lay my hands on under $10,000. The forward shifted scalloped bracing is the holy grail of tone. This is why pre-war Martins are so sought after. Martin - The quintessential guitar sound you hear on all your favourite recordings.

Have a 1970 D-35 Brazilian rosewood and a 1979 D-28. Why is Martin King? Just play one the 20-40 years old and you'll know why. Just get better with age.

I've play so many guitars. No guitar beat any US guitar brand so far. Martin guitar for me is awesome

I've played them all, Martin comes out on top for my ear and taste. The top three in my book are Martin, Taylor, and Gibson.

I've been playing for about 4 years and my first guitar was a Martin DX1 acoustic. My favorite past time is going to guitar center and playing acoustics. Martin to my ears has the best tone and projection of any guitar out there. So for sound Martin is number 1. However I will say that Taylor has a better selection of finishes and a more treble sound. Lastly, Takamine has the best finishes and what I thing the most playable neck radius for acoustics and the best electronics for Acoustic Electric. I'll be getting both a Martin and Takamine for my next purchases.

I just got a martin guitar acoustic and it is amazing! The quality and sound is superb! I am very happy!

Incredible quality, attention to detail, and customer service. I got my DM new and have been playing it now for many years. Even after all these years when I open up the hard shell case to play it, I get hit with an overwhelming smell of Sitka spruce as if it was only a day out of the factory, or I'm in some evergreen forest. But all in all, by far one of the greatest craftsman of quality acoustic guitars.