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61 Pluto

They are nice guitars, I say they are the best for Beginners.


Come on man it is something you would love to play. can compete fender acoustic and way cheaper than that

63 Oscar Schmidt

I think these guitars are overlooked in their quality and performance. It's like trying on shoes that are comfortable but putting those aside for name brands that don't fit that well. I love the sound the OF2 produces over some of the higher priced named guitars that do not produce as well. It's all about the creation and birth of each guitar. No wood produced guitar will be exact. Mother nature doesn't make duplicates no matter how much some believe she does. The beauty and the sound from each instrument will be different. Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes... you're not.

Aerosmith played an Oscar Schmidt ukulele while at Hawaii. Saw the video.

Great quality guitars for a lower price. Made from very good wood and come in a large line of colors, even spalted woods.

64 Clayton

Best guitar and nice tone quality..

65 Thompson
66 Morgan

Made in Vancouver B. C, & I believe a high end guitar for Larrivee. Handmade & beautiful sounding. You order what woods you want then they will put it together for you. Mine Dreadnought retailed for $6800 It will never be for sale!

67 Blueridge

I like the sound of a blueridge, but paying the same money as a Martin, Gibson or Taylor for a guitar made in China is ridiculous. Especially considering they don't sound anything near as good as a Martin, Gibson or Taylor. Blueridge sound good, but so do those Washburn acoustics for less than 500 made in China.

Great value for your money with outstanding quality and sound.

Blue ridge beats out Martin and Taylor I have all three

I have 2, a D28 copy and a J45 copy...both are beautifully constructed, very playable, and for the money, a bargain! If I put either up against my '61 D18 then you can hear the difference in overtones, detail and complexity immediately, but then again they are 1/5th of the price. I love them.

68 Danny Davis

Custom guitar builder out of Huntsville Alabama. His guitars are reasonably priced and sound unbelievable. The guitarist from the Black Crowes owns one.

69 Ramírez

The best acoustic guitar nylon!

One of the finest Spanish guitar builder in Spain.

70 Di Giorgio
71 RJ Guitars

No. 1 in baclaran.. and in raon!

72 Hobner

Excellent sound and guitar designs... You 'll love to play in this guitar

73 Montana
74 Squier

Bought three for a music program and two broke within a couple of months. Poor quality, not worth anything.

Easy to play. Good tone. Loud, rich sound

75 GB & A
76 Kona

Love the full rich sound and the ease of play fingering is precise and easy on the fingers, l have a fender and a Gibson too but my go to guitar for just relaxed playing is my loan.

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77 Watson Co.

A hard working friend, Big sound

78 Jasmine

Great if you're looking to blow 150 Canadian on a guitar

79 Spectrum
80 Blueberry

Made in Montreal hand carved in Thailand. Both sound brilliant and each is a piece of art.

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