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81 Phoebus

If you're looking for a guitar that can sit and jam with you all-night, the Phoebus Guitar is what you need. - Pasky

83 Spectrum
84 Blueberry

Made in Montreal hand carved in Thailand. Both sound brilliant and each is a piece of art.

85 First Act

Got this for Christmas lasted for about 5 years then one day it fell over and the neck snapped right off of her.. SOB
Now I'm looking to get a Epiphone!

86 Composite Acoustics

These things are indestructible; they're made of carbon fiber. Absolutely amazing sound. Check these out.

87 ESP

If you don't want to spend more than 500. Here is the alternative!
Incredible sound for the price,
Incredible playability (really like electric one)
Stage rendu. Try it!

88 Sigil

I don't have one but my teacher does and it has an amazing sound no electic or microphone sound speads out quite far

89 Songline

My music store has these and they are amazing best part it cost nothing get one now

90 Chard

Budget and best guitar for beginner

91 Bartolata
92 FV Stevens
93 DJM
94 Kaps V 1 Comment
95 Carvin

I have played them all and I have been very impressed with my Carvins!

96 McIlroy V 1 Comment
97 Master
98 Greven
99 Fletcher Guitars

Fletcher Guitars is one of the most professional acoustic guitar brands. - Tigomusic

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