My dad has a Martin and I have a Seagull, and I play them interchangeably. Although, I prefer mine because it's just easier to handle and it isn't as expensive so I feel okay bringing around and I just really love that guitar. Love that Martin too, but I've gotta give Seagull my vote!

Best bang for the buck period. I own a Artist Mosaic. I tried everything under $3000. At $1000 it was at the top the pile. It didn't have the biggest boom but had the sweetest sound. All the top brands have great guitars. You need to find what works for you. Larrivee, Martin, Taylor all had winners. Yet for looks, tone and feel, matched with price, nothing came close. ( I originally wanted one of the 3 others I mentioned, Seagull wasn't on my radar )

When I walk into Guitar Center I tend to pick up and try out all of the guitars, even the cheap ones. The Martin stands alone in rich full tones but a very close second place is always the Seagull. They just sound that good.

The Seagull is as good, possibly better, than some of the most prestigious instruments in the world. This gem is so affordable I gladly show off the rich full sound whenever I can.

Hand-crafted; well made and rich sounding... A Canadian treasure. The solid wood Maritime sounds as good, if not better than any Gibson, Martin or Taylor acoustic.

I got a seagulls in nineteen eleven for my fiftieth birthday and today my grandmother said it should be shot shagged shaved and put. Out to pasture.

Top guitar in the industry. I have a Seagull S6 Cedar Acoustic/Electric. Outstanding quality, great solid wood, best tone and sound ever. Deep and high end sound spectrum exceeds all others. Handmade in Canada with quality wood (cedar, cherry, rosewood) with Godin Quantum 1 electronics. Nice!

I have a Seagull Maritime SWS acoustic that I've owned for 3 years and of all my guitars, which I have spent 3 times the money on others, the Seagull is the one I reach for daily. For the money of a solid wood instrument it is very hard to beat. The warm loud sound is music to ones ears.

Not very well known amazing Canadian design with a nice and bright sound highly recommend getting one

I have always been a Seagull fan. They are so beautiful to play and are very easy on the wallet.

Well kept secret. Nice playability.

My Seagull has the most deep, warm, and earthy sound of any guitar I've played.

Hand made in Canada, plays well, but in the same price range as Yamaha.


Best guitars for lower price range

Seagull & Simon and Patrick guitars are arguably some of the best in the world. Hand made, down to the last detail. AND one of the only guitar companies that don't use slave labor. Seagull is typically a bit lighter and aggressive (like a Taylor), S&P's tend to have more rich-round sounds (like Martins). Very, very impressive guitars.

I know or have spent time with Robert Godin. He is a fantastic guitarist and understands what necessary to build a great guitar for the money.

Mid-range Seagull guitars are better than low-end Taylors, but cost half as much. Very happy with my Seagull S6 Cedar.

Great guitar,smooth action, mellow tones. Hardly ever needs retuning!

Very good tone and a great price. These also sound better the older they get which is pretty cool too. I'm more of an electric player myself but I always play the s6 at GC and I have always loved the tone.

Great for finger picking with the cedar tops. Seagull Entourage or a Yamaha FG700S would be the best bang for your buck

I own a Gibson j45; it's an absolute gem. I believe it is the best sounding all around acoustic for my style and taste. Having said that I though, I admit that I also own a Seagull SWS Folk. It's small, short scale (om) solid wood all around (spruce and hog) and rivals a Martin 000EC in sound; it's 1.8 inch nut makes it a wonder for finger picking. For around 800$ it's right up there with the big boys.
CONGRATS go to Robert Godwin for this one!

We have two S6 Originals in the family along with a Fender. Love the tone. Proud to play a handmade Canadian peice.