Most people walk away when they hear the words "acoustic guitar" with the name of any Asian country. So when I tell them about Takamine, they refuse straight away. Judging from how unbelievably beautiful these instruments look and sound, I'd say those people are making a huge mistake.

Takamine makes you go rocking' even with acoustic! Well, to my opinion...

Really need to bump Takamine over Ovation. Takamine has a better selection of finishes and are far more playable than Ovation. The Oval shape slide off my leg. At the lower price point Ovation has a fuller sound but takamine is far more comfortable. Most Takamine are a/e so if you're not plugging in then maybe the ovation will sound better. But if you are a beginner barre chords are most comfortable on Takamine.

I have a Takamine Pro Series Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-electric guitar. I have experiences all of the guitar brands in the top and I have not experiences one better than this one. I really love this guitar trust me the cost is worth it.

Definitely Great Guitars. You would have to spend double the money with the other high end guitar makers to get an equal quality instrument. Outstanding build quality in the Japanese made ones for their price point.

I have owned a Takamine for 34 years. My husband took me to a music store to by another guitar. I was itching for a Taylor, but I came home with a Takamine limited. There is something about the sound I just LOVE.

Expertly crafted in Japan. Best acoustics along with Maton. These two I reccomend to any acoustic guitarist. Maton is a little pricier but is very very well made. Takamines are very very well made and are at a good price for what they actually are.

Solid guitar company who have for years been making quality acoustic guitars at a good price Point. They aren't top 5, but should be top 10. They aren't a Martin, Taylor, Gibson or Guild but still top 10.

Takamine is great with or without the pick-up. It is a bit heavy but that weight of the wood promises the better sound and strength to hold the strings to the right tune.

The best I've ever get... especially the pro series really makes me crazy for it...

I have had taylor, gibson ovation fender and martin personally the Japanese takamines have always been best bang for the buck I know people think it has to be American to be any good Japan has always put quality first if you have never played a tak you don't know what you are missing

Love my Takamine guitar. She was $700 and I got her for my 17th birthday. The sound of the guitar is so beautiful, I fell in love instantly.

I have tried and test quite a few acoustics over the years and part from Martin and Taylor guitar's which would be my no. 1 and 2, Takamine and also Maton guitars I always seem to gravitate to. Clean sounding with nice low and mid ranges. I would have it in the top 10 for sure.

Great tone and easy playing fret board. when you compare the best make sure you do that.

My Takamine does EVERYTHING I ask it to do and never lets me down.

My Nashville made me sell my Taylor 814 and my Gibson songwriter deluxe no kidding.

Amazing guitars for the money. I own a Supernatural NEX from 2002 and recently purchased a Pro series 3 "New Yorker" parlor style guitar. The New Yorker is just amazing. It's got unbelievably balanced tone and is much louder than I thought possible in a guitar this size. Takamine's are works of art that can hold their own against any brand. Both guitars cost me $1150 with a custom case thrown in. To equal sound and quality you'll pay two or three times the money for a Martin or Taylor. Tak's are amazing guitars.

I'll flamenco and you takamine and I'll be in England by millisecond,

Takamine are simply the best guitars in there price bracket

Takamine are the very Best... Love them.

Tak is synonym with good guitar player like Igor

Takamine lawsuit 1983 electric/acoustic guitar Model EF375SW is the nicest I've seen for under 1k. Beautiful tonewoods that were aged for 30 years before being used... Nobody does that anymore.
Very, very sweet.

I have a takamine eg511ssc it has superb tone I paid $ 549 us and got it sent to Australia I love this guitar recommend to anyone it has solid spruce top an solid sapele back.

Really great quality Japanese brand guitars. Just try them and you'll understand what I mean. For affordable priced guitars find the G series especially the G70 and G90. They sound absolutely fantastic with Solid spruce top and Rosewood back and sides. If you're a serius working musician get the Pro series.

Made, and still make some nice Japanese guitars. Definitely better than some of the names I see above it on this list.
And a good bargain.