Taylor GS mini - My guitar teacher suggested me to bought it. At first I hesitated since it was quite expensive compared to other brands of 3/4 sized guitar. However, immediately after I tried it, I decided to take it. Using the guitar, my skill has been greatly improved. It has deep bass and very sweet sound especially on picking. Most importantly, it did not hurt my fingers much! When we first learned to play guitar, people usually start with a low-priced one. I myself also followed that rule. I felt like a great guitar deserved hands with good skill to play it. However, Taylor made me change my philosophy. Instead, a beginner should start with a great guitar. With the beautiful sound, you will feel encouraged to practice more and more. Eventually, your skill will deserve the guitar!

Growing up in a family of musicians I have played several guitars. My grandpa owns a Martin and I've always loved the sound until recently I thought is was one of the greatest sounding guitars. Last Tuesday I played a Taylor and instantly fell in love.

Taylor is a great guitar brand. Their sound is rich and full-bodied, but without losing a higher pitch. That's why I think that Taylor's are great

45 years as a guitarist and I've literally owned every notable piece out there. There are attributes I love about Gibson's and Martin's as well as a few other less talked about (except among us hard core tone snobs) like Santa Cruz or Collings for instance, but when it comes down to the all around single best acoustic guitar I've ever owned or played, it was / is a 2014 Taylor 812ce 12 fret, 1st Edition. The balance, articulation, note separation and awe inspiring tonal pallet is unsurpassed. Plays and sounds astounding with a plectrum and produces the most amazingly beautiful tonal immersion one could ever imagine when finger picked. The natural balance makes playing three and four part melodies effortless without ever losing a note. The only thing is, even Taylor themselves builds very few this good in their regular production line. While tonally or playability 2nd and 3rd to Taylor, when it comes to consistency I think Martin and Gibson probably are slightly ahead. That all could ...more

They are basically the new Martin for the 21st century.

I grew up in in a family of musicians. Everyone in my family can play 2-3 or more instruments. My uncle actually works for Gibson making the bodies for the higher end Les Paul. Everyone I knew played a Martin and most played them really well. It wasn't until I was 14 that My uncle decided he would buy a Taylor. It produced a sound like I had never heard from any guitar ever. The Martins were beautiful sounding instruments but there was something different about the Taylor and I loved it. I now own several guitars, Martin, Taylor, Gibson. But my favorite to play is a Taylor. I would Recommend a Taylor over Martin any time unless you can get your hands on a Martin from back in the 60s

Played every guitar in the store and the Taylor blew them all away. The ovation sounded good but I don't find the rounded back comfortable.

Crisp clear sounds, various models with different tone woods and top woods for all kinds of sounds, even their layered woods sound clean, and the build quality is very high the neck is in perfect concert with the bridge/saddle and body for playability that pulls all of your emotion into your playing... many great guitars out there from many different periods from many different makers (large and small) but I personally lean towards taylor since they match me best I think

Best attention to detail period. The best sound of an acoustic guitar is mostly relative as long as it produces clear spectrum across all notes. I personally prefer Taylor guitars over any because of the range of tones I hear compared to other brands. Taylor isn't more focused on bass or mids or highs as much as other brands. Also I have spoken to Taylor support with general questions about dating guitars ordering accessories etc and their service is the best bar none.

Just better. More richer sound and better looks and better quality. Martins are good but taylor has better quality in sound

I want a taylor so badly :( but why oh why?! do they have to be so expensive *cries* :'(

Bottom line martin carries the traditional support it deserves, however its obvious the overall sound quality belongs to the newer less traditional Taylor, quality is debatable according to musician, the number of musicians sporting Taylor instruments speaks for itself exsp it being a relatively newer aged guitar compared to the martin. it has excelled for a reason thus making this debate even necessary. traditional guitarist trend toward martin open minded guitarist will find them selves with the Taylor.

So many notable artists these days use Taylor guitars - including Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz, Alan Jackson, Rascal Flattss, etc. If that doesn't tell you something, I don't know what does

All most all acoustic bands and/or performers that I see nowadays are using the TAYLOR acoustic guitars. Some of which are BOYCE AVENUE and KINA GRANNIS.

When you get into their all-wood category you'd assume they're great products. But the surprising thing is their lower-end laminate guitars like the 114 are sooo good as to compete with their $2k+ brothers! As a value buyer that can afford ANY guitar, to me, I'd start there.

Problem is that market leaders like Taylor and Martin overprice their entire guitar line--because they CAN! So I shy away from M & T, as I find other great makes that punch above their price weight like Seagull, Takamine, Blueridge, Breedlove, Larrivee, Yamaha.

And as for the Martin vs. Taylor debate, there is a tone difference, and I prefer Taylor for its openess/crispness/balance (with still a LOT of bass)--playability is great too. If you want a warm sounding BOOM box, then a Martin dread will be for you--both brands are well made, but ask too much versus the competition, but they can get away with it (for now). If you're a fickle buy/sell type of guitarist then the choice is clear: M & T will ...more - dr150

Taylor is the best brand of acoustic guitar you can get. I have a Taylor 214ce and a Martin and the Taylor is better sound wise! Taylor is better.

Come on no contest. Taylor, I've gave an ovation away before. laugh out loud Besides taylor, Martin is the only other option for high end guitars from large company's. Collins, guild, larrivee and breedlove would be in my top ten for sure!

I started playing yamaha, then takimine, then Martin... Now for the last ten years it's been Taylor. I try the new models of Martin, Takimine, and Taylor every year, I'll be staying with Taylor!

I play a taylor 814 CE and it is truly a wonderful instrument, it provides a beautiful full rounded sound as well as being well appointed, and is so easy to play my finger style picking, I don't flat pick.

The reason I like it better than the Martin is because the Martin D 18 I owned and played for a few years was so needy of constant set ups due to climactic changes, that I couldn't go more than 60 days without needing a another set up. That is not the case with my taylor. I can easily go 6 months without a set up on the Taylor.

I can't comment on Gibson just yet, as I have purchased a Custom J-45 but its still on the way ti me at the time of this writing.

Most amazing Acoustic I ever put my hands on was a presentation model. Can't afford it of course but it was clearly superior. I felt like it was not even possible to construct a guitar like that.

I have a taylor which was fine till I needed a coat for my home journey when most of the nineteen strings refused to walk, overall for twenty quid an alternative could be found.

Taylor are way better than martin have you seen their guitars. Just the simple details stand out so good with the colors of the wood

Taylor is the basically the new kids on the block and I think there is some bias towards them. Sound is bright and controlled. I play Taylors and Martin and love going to the Taylor for the feel especially after what I consider a bit harder to play Martin...

I have a 514ce and once properly set up, is the best guitar I have ever played/heard/felt etc. I understand different players have different tastes, and mine run towards bass/low end,punch, which the mahogany bodied Taylor gives me in abundance, BUT without being "Muddy" like other brands I have tried including Martin and Gibson. So to me, it's the best of both worlds, bottom end Boom without losing articulation or "detail". I mostly strum but do some fingerpicking and this guitar handles both equally well. The overtones give it a rich full sound without stepping on the chord phrasing. Incredibly versatile, feels great in my hands and produces sounds pleasing to my ear... what else do you want? The 514's retail for $2,200, I got mine from a pawn shop via a craigslist ad for $1,300. I did spring for a new set of Elixirs and a pro set up, and it was worth every penny.
The 3 4 and 5 series are great gigging guitars, the 6 7 and 8's are more for collectors with a lot of money or ...more - Groggo

I think Taylor sounds warmer and I love the action - I also love my D-28 but I give Taylor the edge