Best Action Movies of 80s


The Top Ten

1 Die Hard

This movie could be even today one of the biggest action blockbusters - MatrixGuy

The best action movie of not just the 80s, but of all time - Ajkloth


2 Predator

Aliens is the best, but I just knew that it would be leading the way by a longshot, so ill movie predator up a place - roblist

3 Aliens
4 The Terminator

So many awesome movies on this list... But Terminator is my favorite. It's ALWAYS entertaining, and you never get bored. The fight scenes are awesome, and the story is simple, but effective. Robots become self aware, and one of them goes to the past to kill the mother of the only man who could stop them, thus erasing his existance. This is one of the best movies ever, next to Raiders of the Lost Ark.

5 Robocop
6 First Blood

Sylvester stallone is one of a kind the best action star of all time

they drew first blood not me... - schwanie

7 Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

This should definitely be in the top 10, if not No. 1

8 Batman
9 Ghostbusters
10 Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

The Contenders

11 Rocky IV
12 The Killer
13 Commando
14 Octopussy
15 Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
16 Lethal Weapon
17 The Thing
18 Conan the Barbarian
19 Rambo - First Blood Part II
20 Lock Up
21 Sheena
22 Raiders Of The Lost Ark
23 Red Dawn
24 Ghostbusters II
25 Rambo III
26 Nadine
27 Nighthawks
28 A View To A Kill
29 Never Say Never Again
30 Licence To Kill
31 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
32 Platoon
33 Full Metal Jacket
34 The Princess Bride
35 Conan the Destroyer
36 The Running Man
37 Bloodsport

Bloodsport is one of the best martial arts movie world has ever seen

38 Cobra
39 Over The Top
40 Highlander
41 Red Heat
42 Raw Deal
43 Willow
44 Legend
45 Red Sonja
46 The BeastMaster
47 Krull
48 Beverly Hill Cop
49 Lethal Weapon 2
50 Above the Law (1988)
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1. Die Hard
2. The Terminator
3. Raiders Of The Lost Ark
1. Die Hard
2. Aliens
3. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
1. First Blood
2. The Terminator
3. Rocky IV

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