Gabriel Macht


The only guy, even after seeing all these guys, that popped in my head and still pops in my head as I am finishing this book is Gabriel Macht. His voice, his eyes, the way he is in Suits all of that is all I can picture. I think Christian Grey was made from his role so I don't, can't and really do not want to picture anyone else for this role. Christian Grey is Gabriel Macht.

Hottest guy on T.V. right now, and best dressed. I thought of him throughout the trilogy! He rocks! I hope they choose him. The others are kids.

Everything said about Gabriel was exactly what I've said since I read the trilogy! He is the TOTAL PACKAGE! He may be older but he doesn't look it and besides Christian can't look like a "kid". Gabriel is smokin hot and his portrayal of Harvey Specter is just a spanking away from being Christian! Tall, beautiful, smoldering Gabriel Macht is Christian Grey!

No doubt all the other contenders are lookers, but personally, I think Gabrielle is the only one who can pull-off the billionaire Christian Grey persona- I agree, the other are kids in terms of both looks and acting. I really hope the producers get the perfect cast to play the characters convincingly, and not base it solely on popularity. If not, I'd rather they NOT make FSG into a movie.

When I started reading 50 Shades, the only person I imagined was Gabriel Macht. At first I didn't even know his name, but his face was in my mind from a long time ago. After watching Gabriel in Suits, and by God, he is the perfect man for this role. He has this incredibly masculine face and a gaze which stops you cold in your tracks. He must play Christian Grey. Period.

I sincerely doubt anyone could portray this role better than Gabriel Macht. He is the perfect man for the job. Sexy, confident, boyishly charming, YUM! If he is not in this film, I guarantee it will be a huge let down to countless numbers of fans of this trilogy. PLEASE cast him as Christian Grey!

I have been watching Suits while I was reading the Fifty books. And he is perfect. Portrays the in control billionaire persona well in addition to his cute, subtle facial expressions. If he can pull off the dark side then it will be the movies a hit.

The moment I started reading Fifty Shades I started to imagine Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht). No one else could show Christian's controlling side and his caring side as well Gabriel. He IS the man for the job. I would be disappointed in anyone else playing the part.

Gabriel is perfect for the role! He has the ability to show two sides to a character which he demonstrates perfectly in his role of Harvey in Suits. I honestly can't see any other actor playing Christian Grey. Gabriel also looks amazing in a suit which I think is important to the role!

He is THE ONE to play Christian! Gabriel Macht is who I imagine while reading the books. He can give the perfect obsessive stare and sexy smirk. He does it perfectly on USA's Suits. Mm!

I have agree with some of the other comments. I watch Suits for the sexy, dominating, and charming ways of Harvey, the character Gabriel plays. He would be great as Christian Grey. He would appeal to all women, I think, including the over 30 crowd!

Gabriel is who I pictured while reading the entire series. He gives the exact looks she describes Christian giving, and is so sexy. One of the most handsome men on television right now, and man does he look good in a suit. I think he could pull off the part effortlessly.

I agree completely. Gabriel Macht is the only actor who has any business portraying Christian Grey. Sexy, charming, dark and boyish all at once. He is who I pictured throughout each book. Anyone else would be a waste of time in my opinion.

Gabriel Macht IS Grey! Everything about him screams Christian (no pun intended ;) Please, how can we make sure Gabriel gets the gig? I'm watching Suits now and he's tantalizing! Harvey and Christian are becoming the same character.

I actually pictured Brad Womack while reading, but I love Gabriel Macht and he has a way of becoming someone you love. Regardless of how much of an ass he is, you still love him... Perfect for Christian Grey!

Gabriel is perfect as Christian Grey. The night I finished the book series was the night Suits was on. I immediately saw the comparison. He has everything going for him! Delicious looking, dominating personality, and the sweet side. Yes please!

I spent chapters trying to place who Christian Grey reminded me of and it finally fell into place! HARVEY SPECTER! They need to cast Gabriel as Christian. He's perfect in every way. He has the sexy smouldering look down to a T.

Macht's, Harvey Specter, is the epitome of 50 Shades. Specter and Grey characters are one in the same. Gabriel could pull this-off flawlessly, without a doubt. I sure hope he's up for the role.

He would be absolutely perfect in the role! He is already in the role as Harvey on Suits practically. He is hot, sexy, in control and a great actor too. They would be very smart to go with him (not too sure how his wife would feel about him taking the part though! ).

As soon I read the description of Christian grey, all I could picture is Gabriel. I am so committed to how perfect he would be for this role that I actually believe any other person playing it would ruin the movie.

Well Gabriel's got the charm, charisma and the sexiness to play Christian grey! His amazingly good looks and smile is to die for! So yea he is the best man to portray Mr. Grey on screen!

Gabriel Macht would make the perfect Christian Grey!
I have to say if anyone else gets the role I will be disappointed. He is awesome in Suites, and I really hope he gets this role. Can;

The PERFECT Christian Grey! Alex Skarsgard is no where near the potential or quality level to play Christian! Gabriel exudes strong sexuality and what a real man should be when in control over a woman.
HE IS Christian GREY! !

Macht's killer look will definitely fit Christian Grey' character: strong businessman, powerful, manful jaw line, seductive look and naturally handsome man. What not to like about him? He is sharp, sexually attractive and has a smart mouth:) personally, I see him pulling off the Mr. Grey charisma.

Matt Bomer and Gabriel Macht came to mind when I started reading the book. The more I got into the book the more I kept picturing Gabriel. I am now reading the 2nd book and it's still Gabriel. Gabriel all the way!