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Jensen Ross Ackles is an American actor and director. He is mostly known for his role as Dean Winchester on the CW fantasy series Supernatural. He is also known for his roles in television as Eric Brady in Days of Our Lives, which earned him several Daytime Emmy Award nominations, as well as Alec/X5-494 more.


Just watch an episode of something he's been in. Not just Supernatural, try Dark Angel or Dawson's Creek or Smallville. I guarantee you, in just that one episode alone, Jensen would have conveyed multiple emotions though his voice, body language, facial expressions, and his eyes. This man has the most expressive eyes I've ever seen. He can take a cocky, seemingly shallow character, and give them such amazing depth; like with Alec McDowell on the. I'm totally avoiding the obvious here, but look at what he's done with Dean Winchester. Dean is one of my all time favorite characters, not just for his looks (and let's be real, Jensen is ungodly beautiful), but because Jensen makes me feel everything Dean is feeling. Anyone watching the show for the first time would think that Dean is a cocky, womanizing grunt. But when you get more into it, you realize how wonderfully complex and layered he really is. Yes, that is in part because of the writers, but more so because of Jensen, who has taken ...more

Jensen Ackles is made of the stuff of legends, yet he is so humble he would strongly disagree and say he just does his best, and believe me when I say his best is legendary. This man can make what ever role he takes on come to life, whether he's your friendly freakish Mohawk and kilt wearing line cook with a heart of gold and a mind in the gutter, a handsome hunter of the supernatural that has been to heaven, Hell, everything between and beyond as he battles his own inner demons while fighting every single one that comes crawling out of the pit, or he's the local murder legend reborn as a full blown psychopath with a pick ax and a Gass mask. He has taken each character into full swin, giving them each his own special touch making them far more memorable than expected with his outstanding skills he's honed over the many years he's spent in front of a camera. A natural talent he has taken to the big screen and beyond, this man is a never ending fountain of epic and deserves the praises ...more

One of the very few actors who're not only talented but also very kind and genuine - without making a big deal out of it. Jensen gives 110% in each moment, no matter if on set or around family or fans. He knows what's important to him and he doesn't do things half-heartedly. He is very humble and loyal, stays true to himself and his friends and most of all - he enjoys life.

Each of his characters is a brilliant and complex portrayal of a very own individual. In his role as Dean Winchester ("Supernatural") for meanwhile 11 seasons, we did not only see the character development of Dean but also the development of Jensen. He grew from a talented boy to a very authentic, passionate and down-to-earth man. And it doesn't only show in his outstanding acting skills but also in directing - because more than just once he did both things in the very same episode. And no matter what he does, he never fails to amaze.

The emotion he puts into every performance can engulf you so, that you lose yourself in him. When he cries, you feel his pain. The amount of emotion he can portray in just his eyes alone is outstanding. That doesn't include his natural body language and facial expressions that pull you in. Not only does be portray pain well, but he can pull off crazy, happy, and comedy just as well. He is the best actor or in my opinion from all the different sides he can portray as if it is truly real.

I can't begin to describe how much this man's acting has moved me. I've always been one to become attached to characters, my whole life. I have never fallen so hard for a character before as I did for Dean Winchester and in large part that's because of Jensen's skill. Watching him, I've come to expect the same level of skill in portaying volumes of emotion and meaning with a single glance, and most of the so-called greats today I find sorely lacking. Jensen Ackles is the best of the best and deserves far more credit than he receives.

Jensen Ackles has the rare ability to let viewers see the inner life of the character, simply through the expressions on his face. It's a joy to watch someone of his immense skill at work. Of course, he's handsome, but the truth is that he doesn't need to be to keep audiences captivated. The emotion and depth he brings to his characters does that quite well!

Jensen Ackles is a phenomenal actor, able to make the viewer cry, laugh, or smile along with him for all the ten years he's been on Supernatural and even beyond that. The man is genuinely humble, loving, caring, and if anything, is one of the most underrated actors, not overrated. He never asks anything for himself, even thinking himself not worthy of his fans praise, and willingly helps others with no thought of reward. Jensen is truly a rare individual. -ohfora67impala

Jensen ackles has so much passion for what he does. Jensen has done emotional scenes in supernatural to the point where he was so passionate about his character he couldn't stop crying. He has been on supernatural for a long time and he still holds the same passion he did in season one if not more.

Jensen is very underrated in my opinion. Subverting the hyper-masculine in most, if not all his roles. No role seems forced, he's very natural in his acting. He's also very kind and considerate to his fellow actors and actresses, even his fans and cameramen. His empathy knows no boundaries.

Remember this name. I predict one day when he's free from his television contract he'll go on to bigger and better things. The man can act, and he's smoking hot.

Drama, comedy, action, romance. This guy can do it all while looking smoking hot. He adds depth and nuance to every scene and never just says the lines.

Unlike Matt LeBlanc's fan above Jensen's fans do not have to stoop to belittling others to boost his deserving of awards or accolades. His eleven year multi layered portrayal of Dean Winchester has allowed us the the opportunity to enjoy just how wide ranging his talents are.

Jensen Ackles is an amazing actor. He's on of the few people where I just knew the intent of his character simply from the a shift in his body language and the way you could suddenly see the rage in his eyes. Very few actors any more have that kind of talent.

Jensen Ackles is one of the most versatile actors out there... I strongly believe that there isn't a role that he cannot play... He has outstanding potential just waiting to be seen... (Anything but overrated! )

This guy can do anything.
Makes all his fan love Dean Winchester.
He deserves to be in TOP 10!

He's an awesome actor and an incredible person, isn't it enough 4 this poll? We all love JENSEN ACKLES! The best ever!

Jensen is incredibly talented. The depth of emotion he conveys with just a look is remarkable. If he wasn't on a genre show, he'd be better recognized for his strong body of work.

Jensen Ackles belongs on the top!
His acting skills are unmatchable! And then, his looks, his voice, etc just earn him extra marks! Expression Delivery is a trait only Jay knows!

He's an amazing actor and he puts his entire heart into every performance, it's amazing how much he gives for the art and we should all recognize that!

Jensen Ackles is incredibly talented and a great actor He manages to convey so many layers in the character and brings the character to life in a way very few others can.

Jensen Ackles is the best actor so far on television anyone who says otherwise is completely incapable of seeing hearing or thinking.

He's so talented. My favorite actor on television by far. He's amazing in Supernatural.

YAS he makes me happy when my days are crappy + his role in supernatural is amazing he is so talented I can't even describe it in words

His face and body can convey thousands of emotions in the blink of an eye. Who needs a script when Jensen Ackles can act this well?

In response to the "Jensen is overrated" comment, I just have to laugh! We've been valuing this Jewel of an actor since 2005 and have watched while Hollywood and all the awards have passed him by because he's on a CW show. He's chosen to stay loyal to a show that is not high on the radar because he has integrity and he loves the SPN cast, crew and family. We may never see him get the accolades he deserves, but one thing we DO know is that he is not "overrated" by any stretch of he imagination. He is simply well loved and respected for his talent and his personal stance on life by those who do know what a gem he is.