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Marian Rivera Gracia-Dantes, known professionally as Marian Rivera, is a Spanish Filipino commercial model and actress, best known for her roles in Marimar, Dyesebel, Amaya, and Temptation of Wife.


Marian Rivera is the only actress I can spend my last penny to watch her show. She's everything a celebrity should be. A complete packaged. I love it when her haters are going crazy over her. They even created a website and put her name as the most hated in the world laugh out loud. I couldn't stop laughing over the lists. It really got me thinking that up till now she still a threat to other actresses and their so called fantards are so restless to resort to that. Hello people no one can bring a star down. Give up already. Marian Rivera has no haters outside philippine. In fact she's the only pinoy star that has a lot of fan-base in other continents/countries. Cambodia, Vietnam. Malaysia, Africa you name them. She's blessed in everything yet still humble. She treats her fans with utmost love and humility both young and old. Marian will remain the best of her generation for me no one else.

She is just the best. She is what we call a born actress. Marian takes acing to a whole new level. She will be remembered for many generation because she has inspired many through her acting.

She is pretty inside and out...
Her soap operas are very famous not only in the philippines but also in vietnam and cambodia... And many more...

She's a primetime queen... Her acting is from the heart... She put herself in that situation so that the impact of her acting is very emotional if the viewers watching it..

Marian Rivera is amazing! She is kind hear ted! I love her personality because she is transparent, what you see on cam is just the same off cam..she doesn't need to please people, as simply as if you like her she likes you too, I just love the way she is! Keep it up! Remember that you are always loved by many,

With or without AWARD, if VERSATILITY as an actress is the gauge, it would be MARIAN RIVERA... Why she has not won a single Best Actress Award? Because she is NOT an ABS-CBN talent, that's the TRUTH... Compare every single actress of Channel 2, homegrown or transferees, who has won awards left and right even with mediocre movies, with the likes of the Nora Aunors, the Vilma Santoses, the Hilda Koronels, the Gina Alajars, all ACTING ICONS, to name only a few, and you'll find out the BIG, BIG, BIG DISPARITY... Definitely not in their CLASS but amassing acting awards left and right... Imagine a debuting ABS-CBN actress winning a Best Actress Award in her first movie?

The only filipina actress most web search and the most number of nominee on all website. A good and talented actress. Most popular and she deserve to be call the best actress in the Philippines.

She is born to be an actress because she's not only beautiful but a great actress too... In my beloved her acting ability was grown

Marian Rivera is truly Versatile... She had the Capacity of arousing the viewer's undivided attention... She had the hypnotizing innocent look yet very sexy, captivating and sophisticated... She is very good (beyond words) in acting, she is always and forever be my initial choice when it comes to acting...

I Nominate Marian to Be on the first spot, hehehehe... She had that capacity to Arouse the viewer's interest and can Get the undivided attention.. She is Versatile and flexible, she can Portray variety of diff. Roles and really fit in; in Drama, comedy, action and fantaserye to Enumerate some, etc... She had that hypnotizing innocent look yet very sophisticated... I Like the way she act and Cry, whether she is the protagonist ar the antagonist, she had the confident yet very humble...

Cause she's so talented actress. I think she deserved to be the best actress in the phil. Like it so much!

Marian must be the 1 to be a Primetime Queen because she deserves it... She has done many movies which is box office..

Marian is the epitome of beauty. She is the Primetime Queen. Never a dull moment for her. So natural. From Chicago, Il.

marian rivera is the best actress for me look her performances in marimar shes very great actress so marian rivera is great actress i wish she get the top spot - guillen

She's the one.., well loved by everybody, inspite of her haters... Still she's still on top for God is her guide to everything she does.. She receives always good karma for she just leave eveything to good to whatever haters spread rumors about her.. She is the woman with a big, heart especially for the poor and the needy.. She inspires everybody by sending good smile, good vibes and happiness to all her fans, supporters, friends and even to her bashers.. As she said.. Good vibes labg palagi and spread the love.. So she is more blessed for that kind of character.. We love marian.. Our number one..

This person always fascinates me every time I watch her acting. I'm always in awe moment because she really can deliver different that is bestowed upon her. She can do heavy drama, comedy, romance, action and even horror. Truly a versatile multi-talented actress. She never ceases to amaze all of us.

Ms. Marian is one of the modern versatile actress and most intriguing influential personalities of our time. Thank you for being real and hoping to keep the good job. Keep on helping others and sharing your blessings. More power and more success.

Talk about versatility, flexibility and pure talent?... They refer to the Philippine's Primetime Queen of course, only Marian Rivera.

For me Marian Rivera is the best actress in Phil cinema and on T.V.. She can deliver lines properly and can give good punchlines. She can make viewers cry or laugh in dramas and comedies. She the primetime queen of GMA, no doubt about that. Thumbs up for her!

She's very versatile actress. Whatever role/character you'll give to her she can manage and deliver the character very well especially when it comes to drama goodness you too will cry, unconsciously.

She acts with so much emotions, she really is a best actress, she's not like those actresses that are too O.a when they act... She's excellent.. She have the talent... And she deserves to be the PRIME TIME QUEEN and to be THE BEST ACTRESS in the Philippines

She is a versatile actress, the fact that she can portray different roles, like a comedian a dramatic role and even in a horror comedy plus the fact that she also given an action drama... Wheww! How versatile she is...

Marian is a versatile actress, a good one. She is an Asian Superstar, she was titled Primetime Queen because all her soap operas in different genre were all hits not only in Philippines but also in other Asian's country. Majority of her rival shows lose in ratings, that includes the shows of Angel Locsin whose number 1 in your list and never become popular in Asian's country. Angel Locsin has a very bad diction that most of the time becomes distraction when she's acting. Marian Rivera not only a good actress but also beautiful on screen. Epitome of natural beauty.

Marian is the best Actress for us.She is sweet, loving, kind-hearted, generous n jolly person.Some haters continue to ruin her making fabricated issues which r not TRUE.their purpose to full her down.We fans of her love her so much even our own lives we will sacrifice for her.How we pray she will receive more awards.How wonder she shown good performance in Amaya but she had only few awards.Goodlucks Marian always we'r here for U.

Marian is the best for us
Marian Rivera is the Primetime Queen! Of course she deserves to be considered as one of the best actresses in the Philippines. She has proven herself time after time, as evident by her top rating teleseryes; soap operas. She is truly a great actress.
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She is every down to earth. Beauty at any angle that could charm many. She so profound to her great acting skills. Made hit shows and most esp how she shows deep compassion to people closest to her. She deserves great recognition for the many things she has accomplished.