Nora Aunor


Superstar Nora Aunor is the Philippines greatest performer of all time being the most awarded actor/actress whether local and international in the history of Philippine Entertainment Industry covering all kinds of medium... The movies, T.V., music and stage plays! As of this time no one else can beat her Artistic records!

Truly a multimedia actress, a phenomenal and legendary superstar of Philippine cinema... No one surpass her achievements. The most awarded actress... The only one Miss Nora Aunor.

No other actor or actress in Philippine cinema can ever come close to the achievements of a world class talent like Nora.

The Filipinos are waiting for the much coveted National artist Award to be given to the one and only Superstar... Miss Nora Aunor... The original, the talented, the actress!

She's incomparable! Nobody will ever achieve her colorful stardom success both in acting and singing careers. And her number of awards locally and internationally is difficult to reach even by actresses abroad. While other actors are in the stage of achieving success, Nora Aunor is in the stage of bestowing legacy. She is number 1.

The most nominated and awarded Filipino actress both locally and internationally.

She is the best and the greatest performing artist the Philippine Cinema has ever produced. Her performances in most of her movies are unparalleled.

The awards, both local and international, speak for themselves. NONE of the actresses currently in the Top 10 can beat her record on number of wins and nominations.

The ONLY actress who took risks by producing her own non-commercial and quality films during her prime time..

Nora is the greatest of them all. Her awards local and international speaks for itself.

No other actress can live the roles given to them, only NORA can put into life any role, with her magnificent acting, very mystifying eyes and tone of voice. This sums up what a good actress is, No wonder the world has been kind to her on giving all the adulations, praises and awards for being the top actress of Philippine cinema.

Nora Aunor will always be the best actress of all time.

Ultimate and Most Awarded Artist Both Local and International (5 Continents), No one can surpass her achievement. Greatest actress of all time.

The undisputed queen of Philippine cinema, the inspiration to many including her colleagues, the only singer who sings from her heart, the only actress who acts from her heart, the most awarded actress and the only best actress of all time.

How could you be wrong. Indeed the finest of them all. Second to none

No questions asked... She is simply... THE BEST..

She's no. 1 no doubt. Others are all wanna be's.

The one and only Superstar no one compares to her acting no one.

None among actors and actresses can surpass the achievement of superstar nora aunor from past to present

The one & only Superstar with international recognitions... - sahreeluna

She is the Philippine cinema's greatest actress of all time. No else comes close...

Nora aunor is one of the most dramatic, serious actress, in Philippine cinema

She's the greatest actress of Philippine movies of all time. She represented the Philippines very well in different international film festivals and have won most of them.

No one comes closer to Nora Aunor. She is the ONLY ONE!

She is the one and only superstar of the Philippine Movie. She has trophies to prove that she is well respected as an actress not only in the Philippines but internationally.