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61 Gina Alajar
62 Nadine Lustre

Nadine is very talented, She can act, sing and dance. She is a great performer. She is good in hosting also. She is artistic too. A very multi-talented person. She has a good personality. She is very humble. She never runs out of style. She is unique and natural. A pure Filipina beauty. She has a good choice of music. She is full of life. She is a very disciplined person. She has a big heart. She is a very independent and caring person. Having an OCD, makes her mindful of her environment to be in its proper disposition. I love her instagram posts, it shows how artistic and OC she was. She loves and value her fans, that's why I love her too. Her laugh is contagious. She can brighten up my day. I love her for she never forgets to be thankful of everything that she is having and to where she is right now. I love her for you can see it through her eyes that she is happy and full of excitement. I love her voice. I love her acting skills. I love how she performs. I love her style. I love ...more

She is very talented and humble/ go idol ko yan

Nadine is the best

Nadine improved a lot in acting! From Diary ng Panget to On The Wings of Love, to This Time and then to the latest teleserye Till I Met You. She's getting better and better and fans just adore her. She's phenomenal! - bethebestbeauty

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63 Jodi Santamaria

A very talented and versatile actress! One of the best I've ever known. She is also kind-hearted and a God-fearing person. She is someone that everybody should look up to! In other words she is PERFECT!

Very professional/well mannered reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. I've never been an avid fan of teleserye but watching her in Pangako Sa'Yo I make sure I don't miss any episode-I can miss the rest of the other teleseryes but not hers. I drool at her facial gestures and her verbal interactions because she has that discipline quality in her in that she knows how to carry the role.More power to her and looking forward to see her in quality soap operas and movie films! Thank you!

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64 Lovi Poe Lovi Poe Lourdes Virginia Moran Poe, generally known as Lovi Poe, is an award-winning Filipina actress, model and recording artist.

The best young actress of the Philippine cinema.

Singer, actress, etc.. That's lovi poe...

She is very talented both as an actress and singer

Great talent

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65 Tin Patrimonio
66 Jewel Mische
67 Heart Evangelista

I think heart is the most deserving upon the 10 countdown. She's a well-known actress of today

I like heart because she is a very good actress and host and I believe she is the most beautiful actresses except marian! Let's vote heart in placer # 2 on the list not angel!

Multi talented actress a good singer, host, and actress.. I like the way she act it simple but real...

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68 Liza Soberano Liza Soberano

The one and only Hope of the Showbiz :) Possesses the beauty of every Goddess

Pretty good actress and very down to earth. Natural acting.

Most beautiful and gorgeous I like the show forevermore

Number 1 lizquen

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69 Ai-Ai de las Alas
70 Miles Ocampo

She's brilliant in terms of drama and comedy

She is very good in acting

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71 Alice Dixon
72 Andrea Brillantes

Good child performer she has an excellent talent very kind and have a good heart.

Beautiful, intelligent and have a kind personality. She have it all...

73 Coney Reyes

She can do the role of bida and contra-bida. She can manipulate you to believe on her character to love or hate her. You can see the emotion in her eyes...

74 Karen Reyes
75 Joyce Ching

She is a number 1 Mestiza White Beautiful Prettiest Girl in the Republic of Philippines She is a Half Filipino-Chinese Girl She is a good filipino actress She is a Most Outstanding Actress in the Republic of Philippines She is a Next Kapuso Primetime Queen She Replaced Marian Rivera

Supper idol especially in portaying as a konta-bida in a teleserye endless love.. A very good young and talented actress.. Congrats..

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76 Vina Morales

I like vina morales. Because she's a good actress. Thank you

77 Sarah Lahbati

She's one of the few crowds favorite in kapuso network. She is very beautiful inside and out and stunning also interms of acting. We miss you kapuso. Just keep on acting. !

78 Sunshine Dizon Sunshine Dizon

She is a very good artist.. Award winning performance as an actress.. She's a perfect actress interms of heavy drama.. And I know she is really deserving in top notch contenders.. Go shine!

No one can defeat sushine because she is a very good actress! Award wining performances through drama and
Any kind of genre.. Shine also a truly gifted person cause she act naturally!

79 Jaclyn Jose Jaclyn Jose Mary Jane Santa Ana Guck, is better known by her stage name Jaclyn Jose and known for her memorable roles in the films, Salome, White Slavery, and Santa Juana, is a Filipino cinematic and television actress who has earned international critical acclaim.
80 Gretchen Barretto
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