Emma Watson

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Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is a British actress, model, and activist. Born in Paris and brought up in Oxfordshire, Watson attended the Dragon School as a child and trained as an actress at the Oxford branch of Stagecoach Theatre Arts.


Oh! So she's more "talented' than "Natalie Portman" & "Scarlett Johansson? " She must be one of the "greatest" actresses of all time, if not the "Greatest" of all time. I don't know how she does it! She's "smart," "talented," "down to Earth," and "sexy." Starring in "critically acclaimed" blockbuster "hits" like "The Circle", an instant "classic! And what could be the "best" live action Disney movie of all time, "Beauty & the Beast! " Damn, she was the "best" thing about this film, I loved the part when she was twirling around & Emma is such a "fantastic" singer, way better than "Frank Sinatra! " Another thing I love about her is the fact that she makes the most awkward facial expressions, sings (it's not even singing) very terribly, pretending to be smart, and plays Hermione in every role! She's just... Cringe! Cringe at it's worst! To keep in mind, there are lots of gifted actresses (like the ones I mentioned) that deserve to be higher than this fraud who is only popular for being ...more

Any girl who can go through all the Harry Potter movies perfectly at such a young age and then strive to be better is amazing. Not to mention she went to one of the most prestigious colleges in America while handling an acting and modeling. Not only that but she is an great activist fighting for gender equality. You'd think she'd be in her middle ages with all these great achievements, but no, she's only 25. She's only just starting. Imagine what we could accomplish with more people like her.

Emma watson you are my idol you are so pretty intelligent you are the best girl in the whole world you are the girl of my life and another think how are you in college also I will see your new movie the perks of a waterfall I think that is very good also I love hermione granger I love harry potter with all my thanks to be an actress I think that you are the best actress in the whole world thanks your best fan from Mexico thanks emma!

Emma Watson is the most beautiful teen and the most talented actress. She is awesome, outstanding, gorgeous, cute, pretty, beautiful, hot, cool, fantastic, fabulous, mindblowing, superb, can not comparable, the best, the greatest anb 'THE BRITISH SUNSHINE'. I love her so much.

She is my idol doe she's only 5 years older than me. Her accent is sexy, she's educated, she love people, she is an amazing person before being an amazing actress, she didn't go the "Miley Cyrus" way, she is pretty and cool, she can handle pressure since she started acting since 10, she respect people unlike many arrogant actresses, and after all "she made our childhood"

8 what the hell that is a joke she is such a talented actress she has so much passion for acting she's been doing it forever she was incredible in Harry Potter she was like 12 and she already looked like a professional actress and not some Disney star who is mediocre she is beautiful nice smart funny and really down to earth I think emma at least deserves a spot in the top three.

She should be at least second. Emma's awesome. She, is, first of all, very beautiful and super sexy. Just look at those red lips and sparkly brown eyes, and silky brown hair. Also she is amazingly good at her job. She played Hermione and Beauty so well. She could danced, and knew when to smile... it was just wonderful acting Emma did. Right now I am fifteen, but I am going to be an actress like the beautiful, talented Emma.

She IS amazing, face expressions, every thing, she is the coming best actress in the world and trust me when I say she will receive the Oscar one day. SHE IS... SHE IS MY DREAM.


I think she very much deserves to be on this list. NO HATE HATERS! SHE DESERVES IT JUST AS MUCH AS EVERYONE ELSE. She works hard and has good morals, she's never in the media for any negativity and often stands up for mistreated or misrepresented people!

Emma is so pretty, and she played Hermione Jean Granger in the Harry Potter series. Every girl loves her (and Ginny). She is kind, beautiful, popular, and so much more. I love her. She is in the top ten. WOOHOO! What I don't like is that other people who voted said bad things about her. Ha! All you guys are doing, even though you don't like her, is putting her higher on the list! In your face! She's in a lot of great movies, and she has great hair. My friend hated her name until I told her that Hermione Granger was played by a girl named Emma. Then she immediately said that it was her favorite name in the world! She laughs, and I love her laugh. Go, Emma! You show those men out there that they aren't the only influential people in this world! We have just as much muscle, strength, and bravery to do things in the Earth. We can do many things just as well or better than males can. That's why we're in Gryffindor. (yeah, I took the Pottermore test and got into Gryffindor. Ama-azing! )

Emma Watson is by far the best actress I have ever seen on T.V.. She is and always will be my favorite. Unlike a few other actresses who can't act at all, Emma has talent and she does have the looks. No other teenage or young adult actress can compare to her!

Emma Watson is amazing :D I love her acting.. It's very natural.. She's very beautiful and her voice is also amazing.. I could go on forever

Emma Watson is my role model, she is amazing and talented, and really knows what she believes in. I think she should be #1, but this isn't my website. We had been my inspiration and that has led me to something I really love and I'm so thankful and I love her.

I love Emma Watson! She's truly my role model. She is a great actress and she is also really gorgeous and smart too.

Emma is my role model and I love her so much she is so down to earth and normal unlike so many other child stars like:

Miley Cyrus

Drew Barrymore (but she is NOW a good inspiration)

Dana Plato

Justin Bieber (idiot)

Emma is totally the best actress in the world! I love Harry Potter and she makes it great! She is the most beautiful person I have ever seen! I am her biggest fan! Plus I look like her and my name is Emma too! I love her ( and hermione granger)!

Emma Watson is so brilliant at acting she blows my mind! I REALLY love her, you should see my room it is full of her and Hermione. She should have 10000000000000000 Osaka awards. She is the best. She should be at the top of the list!

She may not be as great as other actresses but she's far from being wooden (*cough* Kristen Stewart). I mean, if she is talentless then why is she able to convey lot of emotion in key scenes whether it's in Harry Potter, The Perks, Noah? But then again, opinion is an opinion.

Emma Watson is such a motivated, strong feminist and she's so generous and her acting is amazing. I love her so much and she's so nice to everyone she meets.

Known for her vapid presence and vacuous stare

She is not a good or versatile actress. She always plays the same roles, and she can't sing either. - olliv

She is my role model! She is so pretty, nice, and wonderful at what she does! I love everything she does! I even love her short hair! I love her so much!

Not only is she an amazing actress, but she is also a great role model. One of the few young actors that haven't fallen into drugs and is continuing her education. Go Em! - neemsay

Yes she is literally my favorite actress of all time I've been a fan since Harry Potter. She's also so funny on talk shows and super inspiring