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Mary Louise "Meryl" Streep is an American actress. Cited in the media as the "best actress of her generation", Streep is particularly known for her versatility in her roles, transformation into the characters she plays, and her accent adaptation.


"There's no such thing as the greatest living actress. " - Meryl Streep

For once, Meryl got it wrong. Not only is she a superb actress, the woman was able to maintain a private life, raised 4 kids, keep her 32-yr marriage while sustaining a successful film career.

She never plays the same character twice. That time when she lost the Oscar to Sandra Bullock, I thought, "Well, Meryl could do Sandra's role and be better in it. But I bet my life, Sandra can't and won't be able play Julia Child the way Meryl did it. " She is beyond brilliant. Never one to be physically conscious, Meryl Streep just dives in and do whatever it takes to do justice to the role regardless if she'll look glamorous in it or not.

What's with all these Naomi Watts loving Trolls bashing the majority of the actresses here? This list isn't perfect & what is? I love to bring up the achievements that my favorite artists made, not cut down somebody else down, shove my criticisms up everyone's throat, and say they're overrated or mediocre. That's just so unfair! How would you feel if somebody trashed your favorite artists? Like for example, "This person is very overrated. He or she is mediocre and is not as talented or as beautiful like the fans say they are." Get what I'm saying here? Just because this list isn't the way you wanted it to be doesn't mean you can criticize other actresses & shove you negative opinions up our throats just so you can upset countless fans!

Meryl is in her rightful position at number one. She is smart, beautiful, talented, dedicated, funny, elegant, sophisticated, sexy, well spoken, flexible and magnificent. Meryl can play any role better than any other actress. I have never seen her in a film without being inspired by her.

You need to stop being rude to meryl streep I have watched every single one of her movies literally. PLEASE go find something else to do rather than hate on brilliant actresses all these women are influential and inspiring but Meryl for me is the best. She disappears into a character like its nothing she's amazing. She does so much for charity she donated all the money for the iron lady to charity which is an amazing movie you probably haven't seen it and if you have you were intrigued enough to sit through it. I LOVE MERYL STREEP I aspire to e like her one day and go to the yale school of drama and get nearly as many academy awards and golden globes,

Hands Down, No questions Asked
This decision is not even debatable
She doesn't deserve only 3 Oscars, she deserved one for so many of her phenomenal Roles in One True Thing, Out of Africa, The Bridges of Madison County, A cry in the Dark, The French Lieutenants Woman, Doubt and Julie & Julia.
She performed so flawlessly and shows a totally different person in each of these Films.
She truly is a LIVING LEGEND

Meryl Streep can play any character with such ease, and she doesn't play the character, she becomes the character. There have been many times where I have watched a film with Meryl in and I've had to remind myself that it;s Meryl Streep and that in most cases, the character isn't real. Meryl Streep always gives outstanding performances in everything she does. Without a doubt one of the greatest actresses that we have ever had.

Meryl without a doubt, nobody else even comes close. Every film she plays a completely different character, with 100% accuracy and commitment. Seen every one except the Abba one, can't bring myself to watch that, but I'm sure she's great. Too many favorites to mention, Devil wears Prada the best recent one, Bridges of Madison County great because it stars the 2 greatest actors of all time, the rafting one her best action film, and Sophie's Choice the most distressing. Kate Winslet is the only one who has a chance of surpassing her, but I think at the end of the day 123 will be Meryl, Kate, Angeline.

Every day I imagine myself if Meryl Streep was my mom. She's more pretty than Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lawrence COMBINED. She has been holding on to a marriage for so long and doesn't need a crap magazine to get her fame. Because she got fame because she's good unlike that dumb Miley Cyrus and annoying Katy Perry and SUPER IRRITATING Taylor Swift. All her films seem so good and I want to watch all of them but I can't, I'm not 13 yet. I've only watched Devil Wears Prada which is one of my favorite movie. Her acting in it was SO REAL and she and Anne Hathaway are a perfect pair. They are both equally good. I think that she's so amazing and whenever she's nominated for ANYTHING, she should NEEDS to win! - maddyparrot22

The Deer Hunter, Kramer vs Kramer, The French Lieutenant's Woman, Sophie's Choice, A cry in the dark, Silkwood, Out of Africa, Ironweed, Postcards from the edge, The Bridges of Madison Country, One true thing, Music of the Heart, Adaptation, The Devil Wears Prada, Doubt, Julie and Julia, The Iron Lady. A record of 17 academy award nominations with 2 wins (as of January 2012) What else can you say? She's a great consistent performer!

Without question, Meryl Streep is by far the greatest actress of all time. Her dedication to her art is unmistakable. While it may be difficult to pick a "greatest actor (male)", this really isn't even a choice. If you watched three movies with her, you would see three different people that look the same as opposed to a marketable, barely individual performer.

Meryl Streep is without a doubt one of the greatest and most talented actresses that we have ever had. Meryl gives outstanding performances in every single movie. I love many of Meryl's films, such as The Devil Wears Prada, It's Complicated, Mamma Mia, Death Becomes Her and Sophie's Choice. She is an incredible actress as well as being smart, beautiful, caring, dedicated to her family and her work, sexy and inspirational.

She had her outstanding highlights during her career but she had and has too many low points ( many ridiculous choices of movies, sometimes too overdramatic in her acting, undeserved nominations etc... ) to consider her as " THE best actress " of all time. Nowadays she's too old for some ridiculous parts she's playing and there are too many new upcoming talented actresses out there ( she should retire now. She had her " time ". ).

I think that it says something when you are nomminated so many times and just lose most of the oscar awards It's almost as if, shes nominated because she's "respected" in the industry. Where did that respect come from? How many times she had played a role in a film? I don't get it. I'd rather respect someone that won two oscars from two nominations, than a woman that has been nominated a handful of times and only won twice. Julia and Julia? The devil wears prada? Are these oscar nominated worthy roles? Or movies? I don't think so, hollywood is a joke - missw

The movies say it all One True Thing, The French Lieutenant's Woman My pupils didn't realize that Meryl was two women, they thought 2 actresses Kramer vs Kramer, Sophie, s choice The bridges of Madison County, Dancing at Lughnasa The Hours Adaptation Angels in America A Prairie Home Companion The Devil wears Prada and Mamma Mia

She's overrated and over praised. She's not bad, but doesn't hold a candle to Vivian Leigh or Halle Berry. Of course, I also think Marlon Brando an overrated and I'm not fond of Picasso. I guess acting, like beauty, lies in the eye of the beholder. And Sandra Bullock being number two shows that the person who came up with this list was probably born in the year 2000 and never saw a thirties movie. I like Sandra but she ain't no number two all time.

You're all thinking, when I read most of the comments, that there's some kinda before and after Meryl Streep. It's like before Meryl Streep there were no great actresses and after her every actress is looking up and influenced by her ( if I had to believe all the " obsessed " fanatics who thinks she's the only one actress without any flaws ). I can tell for sure that not every actress is influenced by her or has her as rolemodel. You all just can't admid that she's the most overrated actress and one of the ugliest woman of Hollywood. Even if you are a big fan of her you can't ignore the fact that there are equally talented actresses ( sometimes with a better on-screen charisma ) and that not everybody is impressed by her performances.

I agree 100% that Meryl Streep is one of the greatest actresses of all time. No one can question that. That is a fact, no doubt. She played her roles very impressive and truly magnificent. Today's generation of actors, no one can beat Meryl performances and achievements. She is a true treasure of world cinema.

One of the best actresses ; yes. The best actress of all time ; no. Like the introduction comment says " Cited in the media as the best actress of her generation " ( but the media doesn't represent the people's opinions ), only one thing to say : Her " generation " is over. New actresses or newer generation actresses are becoming equally good ( of course many are not ) and as for me some are even better.

Definitely she truly is an actor to praise off her talents, I mean she can present with more than one character and perfectly ace them. Whether its in the devil wears prada or mamma mia. Let alone they are completely different sates of characters. Thumbs up meryl streep

IT Is Not About One Movie, You May, Or May Not Like, It About A Body Of Work. She Makes You Believe That, That Character Is Fully Alive And Breathing, Like You Can Touch The Screen And Feel Warmth Of Skin.. One So Different To The Next. If You Put All The Characters She's Played In One Room, There Would Be No Twins... That Is Why She Is The BEST!. That To Me Says All That Needs To Be Said..

To the comment that says " Naomi Watts loving trolls bashing the majority of actresses here ". Aren't you bashing Naomi Watts here? Have you seen the ridiculous rank of Naomi Watts on this list here? Plus, this is a social media site! If you can't stand criticism, what are you doing here? Everybody is entitled to give his own praise or critic of certain actresses.

Hands down, Meryl Streep is the best actress I've seen in my lifetime, thus far - and I'm 75 years old. No disrespect to other great actresses, but Meryl Streep has so much range. It has no boundaries. I cite her roles in The Devil Wears Prada, Mama Mia, and Doubt - all of which she nailed. Talk about versatility. She is jaw dropping amazing.

There has never been, and probably never will again be a woman, actress, and humanitarian like Meryl Streep. She is the best of the best! I love everything about her. She has made movie going pure pleasure and excitement for forty years! May we have another 40 years of Meryl magic!

If you watch a movie with meryl streep in it, it can't be a bad one
She just chooses simply the best parts, she earned the first place very hard fellow despite her long and still sparkling career and her personality not as a character but as a human. a very good and true quote of her is "if you think you can, you can" and I think she just proves it's true look at her career and her still love marriage with sculptor don gummer and their wonderful four children: Henry, Mamie, Grace and Louisa

"The Iron lady". A crappy movie. A bad script. Bad acting. But Meryl Streep did get an oscar! It's a cryin' shame when you can get away with an oscar for something you don't deserve. Says everything about how and why she's number one on this list!