Nora Aunor


Nora Aunor is the most awarded Philippine Actress for garnering the highest number of Best Actress awards not only in the Philippines but also international Film Festivals best actress! She is a multi-talented performer... Not only a versatile actress but was also a gifted singer with the highest sales of records n the history of Philippine music recordings! NoraAunor is the only actress of the Philippines to be considered as a multi-media star who have performed par excellence in movies, T.V. and stage plays that's why she was named The Phenomenal Superstar of the Philippines!

The best ever actress produced by the Philippines... Unsurpassed and the one and only all-rounder.. Film/T.V. /stage actress, singer, producer... Illuminates the Philippines to the world... Most awarded, durable, versatile and still growing strong... Viva Nora Aunor, you have put the Philippines in the world map as far as artistry and talent is concerned... You are our pride and joy... Continue flying your flag... Our flag.. God bless you.

She has received local and international acting awards. She has soulful acting and the ultimate actress of all times in the Philippines. She's the first actress to receive an international award in the Phils. She's the original multi-media artist. She's phenomenal, from water girl vendor from Bicol to becoming the country's great actress.

No other great actress the Philippines has ever had. Internationally and locally recognized best actress to prove that her craft is genuinely moving and felt. An actress of great caliber and great importance.

A nations' pride and truly a national treasure. Deserves to be the next National Artist of the Philippines.

A study of Philippine movies will not be complete and fascinating without a focus on its legendary, phenomenal star of all time, Miss Nora Aunor. Her rise to stardom is considered by people from all walks of life, a gift from God. Miss Aunor, a true icon of Philippine pop culture is an inspiration to many Filipinos. - mistyblues

Since my childhood, I always heard the name of NORA AUNOR from my mother, my grandmother and my sisters and my neighborhood, they always said, nora is very good actress, the eyes is very expressive and the emotions are real. Watching her movie is worthwhile and idolizing her is an inspiration. So very humble and very kind people.

NORA AUNOR is Philippines' greatest actress! Ms. Aunor is the most decorated actress of the country and the actress with the most number of best actress awards, both locally and internationally. She conquered film, television, stage, concert, recording - all with greatness! To claim otherwise is pure baloney. NORA AUNOR is Philippines' one & only SUPERSTAR!

Nora Aunor is a Legend :)Not only is she an inspiration to new actors, she also inspires even her contemporaries. She's also active in charity and other socio work. Her rags to riches story is amazing. How she managed to be loved be her fans until now is astounding. Her staying power in Philippines showbiz is remarkable.

Nora Aunor is the most awarded actress in the Philippine movie and records industry. Many of her movies were big hits at the box-office and her performances were superb. Her golden voice and stellar performances made her the one and only Superstar of the Philippines.

World-class fine acting... From Berlin... Cairo... Cannes... Brussels... And. Now, Venice... International critics have spoken... The Ultimate Greatest Actress the Philippine Cinema ever produced. The Living Legend and Undying Myth!

Nora Aunor- A Cultural Icon. In the 70's, her brown Filipino skin miraculously overpowered the almost immovable mestiza/mestizo regime in Philippine Movies. That is why she called The Phenomenal, The One and Only Superstar of Philippine Cinema.

Nora portrayal in a film MERIKA is a combination of suspicious love with the sentiments and longing of America-dwelling Filipinos whose minds and hearts continually goes through. Nora's acting conflicts of decisions with some slight politics that highlights helpless idealism and the brewing turmoil of 80's Philippines, you get "'Merika". It stars Nora Aunor and Bembol Roco, which gave effectively contrasting performances regarding the different sides of state of minds of Filipinos on foreign lands.

She will always be the Philippine's Superstar. Any other star -- Star for All Seasons, Megastar, etc. -- are but second rate compared to this living legend. She was proclaimed one of the Best Asian Actresses of All Time by Holly wood's Green Planet Awards.

She came from poor family, she is Philippine superstar, received various recognition from various award giving bodies. Nominees as national artist. Currently, her movie as been selected to compete in the ongoing VENICE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, TORONTO, AND IN BUSAN KOREA...

No one else, she is the most deserving to receive the National Artist (NA) in the Philippines. The pride of the Philippines, her two films, Thy Womb is in competition while the other one, Himala is for exhibition at the Venice Film Festival this September 2012.

I am not a avid fan of nora, but all her movie was always blockbuster and sensational, so out of curiosity, I was intrigue to watch it, and I can say her acting is very depth, she is very effective in any role that she is portraying. It will goes to your nerve and your heart can feel it. If I will given a chance to sit as uror, my votes for BEST ACTRESS will always goes to NORA AUNOR a woman can perform a variety of roles in magnificent way.

She broke the skin barrier in Philippine cinema where the statuesque mestizas lorded over for many decades; she broke the trends when the Philippine cinema catered to the prurient and sex; she broke records when she alone is the big star in a movie outing. Nora Aunor breaks all records there is the the showbiz world.

The best and never equaled by any other actress in the Philippines. An actress with various local and international awards, citations and recognitions. Indeed an actress full of superlatives to describe her. A national treasure and a gem worth keeping. The best among the best and with a heart of a child that makes her unique and loved by the masses. Superstar is number 1.

The top international award winning actress of the Philippine Cinema... She sacrificed her box office appeal by making independent movies with social redeeming values to put her country on the map of quality movies. Filipinos are fond of watching cheesy, trashy and predictable plots but with Miss Nora Aunor, it is another level of cinematic experience. Her movies are simply eye opener to the harsh realities of her third world country. Movies without false pretension but narratives of sad plight of some people from all walks of life. I admire her sense of devotion to the industry but it she has to pay the price thus losing her magic box office appeal. It's high time for her latest movie, THY WOMB, to prove her bashers and detractors wrong. And to you Ms Nora Aunor, I salute you. The one and only superstar of Philippine movies both indie and mainstream. Kudos.

A Singing Champion for 14 weeks (decades before American Idol) before becoming the Ultimate Barometer in Fine Acting in Philippine Cinema... The Legendary Ms. Nora Aunor...

She is one of the greatest actress of all time. She is known as the national artist of the Philippines. She is good in acting and all those movies she made. She won many awards.

Nora Aunor's Thy Womb is an official entry to compete in Venice Int'l Film Festival this month of September. Being in Venice is a feat for itself. Go go go Ms. Superstar!


Nora Aunor, the undisputed Queen of Philippines Best Actresses! The first Grandslam Best Actress winner and the the undeclared National Artist of the Philippines!

Philippines greatest actress. The incomparable... The one and only superstar of Philippine movies... MISS NORA AUNOR.