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1 Prince Charming Prince Charming

Another song that gives you great advice. Especially when you were a teenager in the (European) 80s.

2 Stand and Deliver Stand and Deliver

Classic song that stands the test of time. The song flows so well. My Mum loves this song even though she doesn't like most of what I listen to so it's in at number two. YAH!

No doubt that this has to be on top. The lyrics alone sum up the whole idea behind Adam´┐Ż's philosophy. Sheer greatness.

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3 Antmusic Antmusic
4 Animals and Men Animals and Men
5 Jolly Roger Jolly Roger

Makes you believe that Long John Silver actually owned an electric guitar. I still can't whistle that high.

6 Kick Kick
7 Tabletalk Tabletalk
8 The Idea The Idea
9 Los Rancheros Los Rancheros
10 Dog Eat Dog Dog Eat Dog

The Contenders

11 Kings of the Wild Frontier Kings of the Wild Frontier

Adam and the Ants at their best. Who'd have thought of making a song like this apart from them? Total mash of Punk, War Dance and Feedback.

12 Goody Two Shoes Goody Two Shoes
13 Ants Invasion Ants Invasion

Love this song (obviously). Just kinda creeps along with a guitar riff Kerry King would be proud of.

14 Picasso Visita el Planeta de los Simios Picasso Visita el Planeta de los Simios

Never been quite sure on the Prince Charming album, some good tracks just thought the "change" from KOTWF was too fast. Stand and Deliver sits up there as the "classic" to me, but this track is just so catchy.

15 Press Darlings Press Darlings
16 Whip In My Valise Whip In My Valise V 1 Comment
17 Digital Tenderness Digital Tenderness

Simply love the riff and the way the song goes. Clever title.

18 Making History Making History
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