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21 No Boundaries

Best song by Adam Lambert hands down... His voice goes so hig and beautiful in this song :D

He put all his exprince on this song his voice was awesome

22 Sure Fire Winners

this is the best songs by A. L. , he is very good looking ;)

Listened in my boyfriend car for the first time fell in love with it.

Can't really pinpoint what I really love about this one. Just can't stop listening to it.

This son is tremendos. It is one of the best songs I had ever listened

23 If I Can't Have You

This song was awesome...
when I saw his performance in American Idol
I was so empress!

24 Ghost Town

This song is one of his best! You have to listen to it more than once to really feel the vibes from it!

We almost waited like 3 years just for this song, and when i heard to know that this songs release, i was almost the first person to hear this, this song has an amazing beat and deserves to be his best, you can never pass a day without hearing this song... And you guys will love it for sure - glambert

What? Only 31? Nope, this song deserves a better place! I love that song!

! this song should legit be 1st

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25 Trespassing

Hey this song is the best what I don't understand is y isn't it on the top of the list?!?!
"when I was walking for sometime when I came across this time saying who are you and where are you from we don't like when visitors come. No trespassing that's what it said at least that's what I could read no trespassing get my ass where you donna load me? "

This song is all kinds of awesome; I fell in love with Adam when I first heard it and now I am a die-hard fan!

I think this world is ignoring the awesomeness of this song just because it hasn't got the love thing but really, I think it's all in deep about being optimistic and living life the cool way

This deserves to be top 10 at least.

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26 One
27 Soaked
28 Pick U Up

This song is the best and I love pick u up

I love pick u up

Great song,should have been on the top 10 list.

So amazing song... ithink this is one of his best songs...
I think nobody else in the world except him can sing this song,
Its perfectly engineered for him, so
Amazing and when you start listening, I'm sure you can't stop listening to this song... I bet that... - glambert

29 Strut

Strut should be the no. 1 the arrangment is unbelievable!

That feeling of glam rock.. This song got everything.. I wonder why its in number 43

Strut is amazing it should be #1!

I love strut

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30 Broken Open

Outstanding song written by Adam. -

This song has Simply Broken My heart!
Absolutely Brilliant, Not only he is a great singer, he is also a great song writer!
Adam please keep on writing songs like these. - glambert

31 Another Lonely Night

Love this song so much. For me, it really should be at least in top 10.

I love another lonely night and it's cool but Adam Lambert voice is the best of the song

The best from the original high album

I say it should be in top ten, me too.

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32 The Tracks of My Tears
33 By the Rules
34 Chokehold

You gotta be kidding me! ONLY 37? This song deserves to be much higher. To me this is his best song, great rhythm, melody. Sexy.

This is the best song ever! His voice is the best in this!

This is the sexiest song added with sexsiest voice I ever heard. The line " I can smell you on my cloth " give shiver in my spine... WOW!.

This song should be in top 10! Amazing vocal and so sexy.

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35 Is Anybody Listening
36 Can't Go Home
37 Music Again
38 Pop that Lock

Makes me wanna dance.

Pop that lock is cool


I love pop that lock and I want to dance play the song and it's cool pop that lock sooo Cool

39 Welcome to The Show

So new, so hot and it makes me wanna vibe all night, I vote.

I just adore all song he sings, that's all.

40 Broken English

I just love the atmosphere created by this song. It's one of those song that I can't not mouth the words to. I love how simplistic it is but the beautiful voice of Adam is just overwhelming. It always manages to make my heart beat that little bit faster.

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