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21 Right As Rain Right As Rain

This is one of her earlier songs so it isn't as well known but I think it is one of her best. It's pretty upbeat compared to most of her songs so it's a little different in that sense. This is a great song by Adele and should definitely be voted up.

This was a WONDERFUL song! She really let hm have it in this one! - Daydreamer_Adele

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22 Cold Shoulder Cold Shoulder

This song is indicative of her dynamism, vigour, strength and sincerity. Her ability to convey emotion in an epic upbeat sound which would otherwise overwhelm other artists. Loves You Adele!

In this song she really gives it that 'umph' that I love! Its sadder but I love the tune! - Daydreamer_Adele

23 Million Years Ago Million Years Ago

This song is the definition of nostalgia. We may only be half way through this decade but I dare say this is probably one of the top compositions of the decade. This needs to be in the top 5.

This song deserves to be in top 10, if not 5. And if it doesn't make it there then I hate you all.

My tears roll down each time I listen to this song,

Maybe we don't feel it right now, but someday when we're older.

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24 Melt My Heart to Stone Melt My Heart to Stone

Adele was so emotional singing this, she cried so much while trying to sing it in the studio. She really did this well and I love this song too! - Daydreamer_Adele

Such an incredibly powerful song. I've been privileged enough to have heard her sing this song live in a very small venue; it was everything and more. It was my favorite song then and still is now. 19 is still her best album in my opinion. So raw and beautiful. This song just proves that.

This song should in top 10. Listen to the live version. The lyrics and melody is heartwrenching-ly beautiful.

25 I Miss You I Miss You

Should be higher up, the lyrics and music are beautiful

Slay me queen. This song is so good - Aydanadkins

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26 I Can't Make You Love Me I Can't Make You Love Me

It's the best cover I've ever heard. It's unique and you can easily understand ADELE's feelings.

A very heart wrenching song... I love it, and her voice

27 Remedy Remedy

Just the emotion felt and the beautiful lyrics make this one of her best. I also feel like the message is that we can always turn to her/her music if the world is cruel and we just want to escape the hell on earth. Just an overall beautiful song.

This song is by far my favorite. I sing and dance to it all the time. It NEEDS to be in the top 5!

So underrated, people seem to be going by singles more which is to be expected

Underrated song!

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28 Love In the Dark Love In the Dark

For me someone like you will always be my all time favourite but this one really stood out for me from the new album along with all I ask and million years ago. When she sings:"I'm trying to be brave, stop asking me to stay" I die a little inside.

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29 Tired Tired

This song not in Top 10? This song has mesmerizing lyrics and awesome touch. It makes you feel lost in emotions. It was as if I was floating with my mind witnessing divineness.

So melodious, you don't need any instruments...adele's voice is so angelic

I'm painfully laughing at the position of this mesmerising song.
Its my all time favorite. - skwow

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30 If It Hadn't Been for Love

Nice song, loved it

31 Lay Me Down V 1 Comment
32 Hiding My Heart

Why is it in 18th place... I love just this song... This song is second after rolling in the deep... Marvelous song... ♥

I knw this song is not her best. But it's my story at the moment, my crush is like 4yrs older than me... And he went 2 China 2 study now as he graduated last year. :"( and I kept hiding my heart from him. Adele is amazing. Guess he'll be there in my heart for some time... And this song is what reminds me of him. The worst part is, when I'll graduate, I'll probably go 2 London. and we will be even mor far than this. I don't mind relly, because it's all just a crush rite? The biggest crush I had. <3 I love Adele. and I feel sad 2day. This song consoling me and keeping ne calm.

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33 Crazy for You Crazy for You

The style of music combined with the lyrics make an amazing song

34 First Love First Love

So real and heartwrenchingly beautiful at the same time. Wonderful song that everyone can relate to

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35 River Lea River Lea

Probably the best Chorus Adele has ever sung.. Listen it, and you can't take it off your Mind.. Absolutely love this one..!

Very deep lyrics (as usual), wonderful, yet simple instrumental and smashing melody.

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36 Sweetest Devotion Sweetest Devotion

The best song on 25. Shows she can do much more than sadness and can do it very well.

37 Best for Last Best for Last

How is this ranked zoo low? It's amazing!

THIS IS AN AMAZING SONG! I really love the rhythm...
"And you'll say all of the right things without a clue
And you'll be the one for me and me the one for you" ~ Adele (Best for last)

38 Why Do You Love Me
39 My Same My Same

This song is so beautiful. It's about a couple who are so opposite to each other that even their smallest traits differ but they contrast each other other so well, thus the line,
'Walking with each other
Think we'd never match at all
But we do... '

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40 Don't Leave Me
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