Rolling in the Deep


This entire Top 10 list is quite accurate. I'm glad to see some less popular Adele songs like "Cold Shoulder" and "Don't You Remember" make it, because I love them. I love all of Adele's songs. Even though I know "Rolling in the Deep" is most people's favorite Adele song, for me it really hit a note and it means so much to me and it's relatable and it inspired me to chase after my dreams. Adele's passion in her music gave me the strength to pursue what I wanted out of life - music. This song helped me to find it. I just love it so much. Her vocals and the composition of the song and everything about it is PHENOMENAL. This is my favorite song EVER. I love you, Adele!

I wander how Adele could weld all these elements in such an awe-inspiring song as this. Her voice, her ability to hit high notes, the lyrics, the melody have all contributed in making a masterpiece from "Rolling in the deep". I am sure that this song will be etched in everybody's memory because it is made for being unforgettable.

I mean, does this song even have to compete? This song over the course of a few months went from being a song by Adele to being Adele. It completely defines her career as an artist thus far. Not to mention, it's lyrically and musically genius. This might be too much, but I only wish I could have a breakup end with such a bang! - mattyg2391

Good song I have a cd that I borrowed from my friend and am about to get another and give hers back... Her songs are continually playing in my head. Rolling in the deep is a great song and it should be played in schools for people especially girls to listen to as they work. And for adults at their work stations

This is definitely her best song. Its very loud jazzy. Has lots of drums, bass, guitar, bass, etc. Got a full band playing with a very rocky beat and lots of energy. I prefer her songs that are more loud like this one or louder if there are any more louder rocky jazzy songs.

Adele has the most outstanding voice I've ever heard all of her songs are super the hidden meaning I've never heard a song that has such meaning as what she writes everybody needs to listen to her because she's a great singer

People complain about this song being overplayed, and while this may be somewhat true, it's still an amazing song. Adele has one hell of a voice, and that compliments the lyrics and instruments perfectly

I love this song! I think this is a best song ever in the world! This song make me happy because it's was a lively song... I want to dancing when I heard this song... I also love to watch this video... IT'S AWESOME!

This song highlights the beautiful tone and depth of Adele's bold voice and also the tune is amazing... very catchy and I just can't stop the lyrics from playing in my mind.

This song rocks listing to her tale I sometimes cry out ): the song is very nicely sung by adele and the high pitched parts are awesome adele is an excellent singer with a beautiful voice

I agree with the existing placements in this list. I love the top four songs, and I think the order they're placed in is great! Adele is such a talented singer, so all her songs are amazing!

Amazing amazing song... just love it. Adele is awesome in this song. The pitch parts she is just awesome. This is the first song song I heard of Adele's, m in love with her songs ever since...


An awesome song-better than Set Fire To The Rain. I like the Oh endings and the don't underestimate the things that I will do part. The song really is her best work.

Really, it's Adele's best song ever!

This song is so PERFECTLY AWESOME! The beat makes this song very very powerful, her voice makes this song so damn cool! This is Miss Adele's best song EVER!

This is an awesome song that I think thin everyone knows... love singing it

Every time I listen to this, it gives me goosebumps. Her voice is so powerful and she gives it that spit-fire that I love. - Daydreamer_Adele

Such a soulful song that you can relate to. Revengeful and honest, this song is everything you want to say to someone who broke your heart.

Did not know much 2 say... But, the thing I can say is that it's the most beautiful song I've ever listened in her songs... Especially in high pitch..

This is the best kool and awesome song. She sings in a high pitch which is absolutely the best. A very touchy song

I really love someone like you hello and when we were young it really get me into tears whenever I play it love you and your sweet voice

It is such an awesome song
I just love you
I in 10th grade
After the school is over
Daily I sit in front of my comp..
And I listen to it

Most powerful song that I have heard by a female singer... She can give male singers a run for the money.. Amazing music and lyrics..

Wow tis is the only song of hers which I saw and it is at the 1 place! I love this song very much. Rocking song! I love her voice in this.