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1 Immortal

Amazing song. Pumps me up every time I listen this. Giving in is also good but this song is something else. Listening this is a must for every rock fan.

This song is just to damn awesome..!

It's the best ever. Makes us feel immortal too. This song is best suited for Uchiha Madara in Naruto. Absolutly Magnificant.

I want this typs of songs in next album from Tim Flacky vocals. I thing Tim is a great Nu-Metal song vocalist... Mohaiminul Kabir (Amio) from Bangladesh, Dhaka, Kawla... Mobile:880201674711165.

2 Giving In

Creeping song, is linkin park also in this song?

Its amazing! Best song, and so relateable! They are such talented artists! You will definifintly fall in love with this song when you hear it! I did! :-)

"mark please come back to adema. (Amio from Bangladesh)"

3 The Way You Like It

Amazing song! Still works as well as it did back in the day.

A really awesome song, I can remember when I was young and stupid, good memories

4 Promises

Best Song! The emotion in this song is amazing. Breathtaking song, breathtaking chorus.

The guitar and piano in the song are so great,it takes it's place as the best song from Adema

5 Pain Inside

Amazing in every way. Listen to it. - EvilAngel

6 Planets

The emotion in this song is so incredible. Planets is one of my favourite songs ever and comes very close to being in my top ten ever songs, and it also one of my favourite Adema songs, along with Giving In, Pain Inside, Close Friends, Promises, Immortal etc. - EvilAngel

This song is so great, the like the guitar sound is incredible!

7 Unstable

Guitars and Drums are just sick, this song has the best sound to it in my opinion. 2nd is Giving In

8 Freaking Out
9 Close Friends

Love this song. I think quite a few peoplecan relate to this song pretty well.

10 Everyone

CRAP! I meant to click on unstable I didn't know it was on this list. This is my second favorite, SORRY!

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11 Cold and Jaded
12 Speculum
13 Co-Dependent
14 Betrayed Me
15 Better Living Through Chemistry
16 All These Years
17 Drowning
18 Remember

Best song by far

19 Chel
20 Needles
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1. Pain Inside
2. Immortal
3. Giving In
1. Unstable
2. Immortal
3. Cold and Jaded
1. Immortal
2. The Way You Like It
3. Freaking Out

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