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41 It Came From the Nightosphere

It came from the penis not nightosphere ya idiot. Lets hate adventure time forever!

The commenter who said let's hate Adventure Time forever needs to be soul-sucked by Hunson Abadeer or something else drastic like that.

42 The Real You

Finn makes himself smarter to give a speech at princess bubblegums since barbecue.

I love this episode, PB kiss Finn on her cheek, by far the funniest AT part I laughed so hard :D - 05yusuf09

43 All the Little People

I enjoyed it because it had mini versions of most of the characters. Magic man gives Finn a small bag. He realises later that their are people in it

This must be in top ten this episode is beautiful! Why its in top 19

Definitely a unique episode.

My favorite!

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44 Jake the Dog Jake the Dog Jake the Dog is, along with Finn the Human, a fictional character and one of the main cast in the American animated television series Adventure Time created by Pendleton Ward.

I liked seeing Jake chilling with Prismo and the Cosmic Owl in a hot tub lol

45 To Cut a Woman's Hair

I LOVE the way he say bad things to the poor ugly tree witch "You're never gonna be beautiful EVUUR" laugh out loud

46 Bad Little Boy

Amazing plot of this episode :) I love the Fionna and Cake ones.

Marshall lee is THE best character by far. Totally loveable

Marshall Lee Takes Fionna And Cake In The Woods Where Lumpy Space Prince Is Throwing A Party With Other People.
Best Part : Fionna Punches Marshall Lee

Marshall Lee is so handsome!

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47 Holly Jolly Secrets, Part II

I'm sorry did you mean part 666?

48 The City of Thieves


49 Jake the Brick
50 Goliad
51 Video Makers

Finn and jake make a video for a movie club and can't agree on the contents of the movie. Check please!

Funny episode with a good lesson and focusing on the best characters. - Garythesnail

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52 Lady & Peebles

This episode is unique, because it focusses on Lady Rainicorn and Princess Bubblegum, instead of Finn and Jake.

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53 Varmints

Fantastic episode, and really shows more of pb and Marty's past

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54 Wizard Battle
55 Henchmen

I don't like Marceline at all(HATE ME NOW)

56 Slumber Party Panic

This is the first episode of Adventure Time. Unless you count the animated short

57 The Pajama War
58 The Hall of Egress

This episode was a actually really interesting to watch. It delves into being within a psychological trap, and the fear of not being able to escape. The ending was a tad confusing, but still interesting!

This is a really cool one! It's so trippy though... That's what I like about it! It was so interesting and mind boggling.

A fantastic episode, definitely deserves a spot on any top ten or even top five list.

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59 Jake the Dad

Like sonic 06,this ruined the series.

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60 Min & Marty

This was an utterly phenomenal episode. It delves deep into humanity since the war, we see how Finn's parents met, and how Finn became the only human in Ooo. Most importantly, we see Finn's MOM in this episode, and she's really cool and just like her son. - phillysports

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