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61 The Thin Yellow Line

The Thin Yellow Line shows the beauty that AT has turned into with the form of art. Funniest Line: "Hey that's illegal! " "And beautiful! "

62 Dad's Dungeon

Jake feels conflicted when his father forces him to try and hold Finn back in a dungeon meant to toughen Finn up.

Yo finn! I'm proud of you I love you son! Your gonna do great things things
Your gonna do great great great!

63 The Jiggler
64 Betty

This episode should be way higher

We see ice kings past. What's not to love. - 21herronr

This is one of my favorite. It should be higher

This is definitely a top ten

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65 Lemonhope Part 2

It took a while for the Lemonhope story to grow on me, but the song at the end kept me coming back to it. On subsequent views I've found touches of foreshadowing and mirroring between the real and dream worlds as well as subtle moral themes that have actually elevated this 2-parter to my "Best of Adventure Time" list.

That song at the end! The feels! This is a great example of the amazing things that Adventure time can do.

The song at the end of the episode legitimaly made me cry when I first heard it. It's so heartwarming.

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66 Astral Plane

Such a cool episode based on such a cool concept!

67 Crossover V 2 Comments
68 Root Beer Guy

One of the best. It is also very dramatic in parts. I like it when the banana guards think Jake is Princess Bubblegum.

Root Beer Guy is the best AT episode ever.

Should definitely be number 1 this is hilarious and who does not love a dective story?

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69 Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe!

I know all of the Adventure Time episodes are random and funny, but I just loved this one because it was so random. Ice King, Abracadaniel, the Water Nymphs and others board a bus on a 'destiny will guide you kind of trip.' There are several funny moments, and there is just something specifically funny about this episode. I love it!

In this episode, Giuseppe writes,
"These are not my teardrops, daughter dear,
But a sheen of dew that lingers here
Past other fields where other fathers lie,
Who kept their daughters far better than I."

I take this to mean that Giuseppe has distanced himself from his old life where his daughter died protecting him, perhaps in a mushroom-war related incident, and he no longer feels the pain, just the regret.

This was stilll a great, sweet episode!
“Beau Bro! ”

70 Slow Love
71 Susan Strong

I thought is was the bomb is was rely good episode also beautopia I think Susan strong is human in the episode she probely is you should go and ask cartoon network if they can make a new episode with her in it:-)

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72 Evicted

Marceline is a JERK in this episode, but nobody sees that. Only my opinion, though.

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73 All Your Fault

I like the episode how they got there people but some of the looked weird I like it was a good episode

Lemon grab is such an interesting character philosophically - PB created him how he is - all her fault! And the idea of a beings that love to create life more than eat when they are starving - conflicting wants/values - and lemonjohn's sacrifice at the end after he gained a heart as well as new values of wanting to prevent suffering!

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74 In Your Footsteps

I love the bear and the snail at the end was funny but cool! Who put BMO noire on the list? If you ask me, I and my sister think its boring! Every time that episode comes on, I grab the iPad and play on it until its over.

75 King Worm

Love when he wakes up and was still dreaming.

This episode is awesome because it's weird

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76 We Fixed a Truck

The gang found and use a car for once. I thought this was gonna be great. The whole thing was good except for BANANA MAN! and the ending was GOD AWFUL! They destroyed the truck! Why? Your bringing cars back and you cancel them! Dick move!

77 Princess Monster Wife

How is this not even an option? This was a very sweet episode showing how much Ice King loved his "wife," no matter what she looked like.

78 Sons of Mars
79 Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension

Finally. An episode digging into Lady's backstory. And an awesome one at that!

80 I Am a Sword V 2 Comments
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