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1 Remember You

Great song about the ice king's transition into craziness and his relationship with Marceline

Very Emotional song, the tune and lyrics will move you.
And from my favorite episode. I wanna give Simon a big hug.

Song is very heart warming and emotional, lyrics just pull you into the song

The Ice King is very weird.

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2 My Best Friends in the World

Song with Finn as lead? Awesome!

I really love this song I even have a lyrics at the laptop of my tito... So awesome.

I like the song because it is really good and catchy.

I love where Marceline and PB sings the background!
And I also love where Finn says "It'll make this dor break"

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3 I'm Just Your Problem

Although Finn singing later in the episode was very good, this song showed off Marceline's very sensitive side, just like the fries song, so I would say this is much better.

Marceline put a lot of emotion into this song and it's amazing!

That song literally showed that marceline has feelings. This song is truly amazing, and I really think that someone should make a adventure time album.

Catchy song and marcelines beutiful voice. Cool beans 👌

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4 All Gummed Up Inside

Very touching and emotional song, you can tell Finn pours all his feelings, emotion and especially depression into this song due to the realization that he will never be with Princess Bubblegum. This is coming from a 16 year old guy

Finn really loved pb at that time felt so sorry

A very good, touching and a really relatable song. This is my most favorite cartoon song of all time. And I just really love Finn's voice in this song.

Every time I hear this song, I wish I could go there and make Finn happy again. Poor Finn. He really put his feeling in this song.

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5 All Warmed Up Inside

I Really wanna kiss my girlfriend now in front of her dad

It sounds like Be Wherever You Are from Steven Universe

6 Everything Stays

Let's go in the garden, you'll find something's waiting. Right there where you left it lying upside down... In little ways, when everything stays. This song made me addicted to marceline's voice.

This song is like no other song that Marceline has sang before. Everything Stays is the best song in the whole world

This song makes me really emotional, so beautiful too

Sorta nostalgic feeling

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7 Baby Song

I'm a buff baby that can dance like a man! I can shaka my fanny, I can shaka my can! I'm a tough tootin baby I can punch all your buns! Funniest and catchiest Adventure Time song ever! Plus, what's not awesome about baby Finn singing?

Baby Finn + Rebecca Sugar = The Best Song Ever Invented

It's hilarious Adventure Time's stopping this Year so sad.

Damn Funny - Sassy13crown

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8 House Hunting

Some people think it sounds like Be Wherever You Are from Steven Universe probably cause Rebecca Sugar worked on both

I love the singers voice in this and Marceline's random lines. ;D

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9 Fry Song

I personally love this song. It's so emotional yet silly at the same time! Daddy, why did you eat my fries? I bought them, and they were mine! It won't get out of my head, every time I go to bed!

Why did you eat my fries? So awesome!

Have you guys seen the Clarence and Adventure Time mash up of this song It is really cool

"Daddy why did you eat my fries? " - aarond9010

10 Good Little Girl

This really should be a lot higher up but I forgot about it at the time. Marshall's voice is so amazing! It sounds like butter!

I... Must... Kiss... Marshall lee.. And totally that song!

One of my favorites. Love this song


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? When You Don’t See Me

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11 Where Everybody Knows Your Name

/Theme song to Cheers

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12 Oh Bubblegum

Catchy tune. You can really feel the emotion in Ice King's voice when he sings... I wish PB would be nice to him. Even if they were just friends?

Felt so sorry for ice king. He just wants someone to love him but the crown made him crazy.

13 Island Song

It's a great song. Request this song for Rock Band 4. It's a shame CN doesn't air the full credits anymore so we can hear it more often.

Back when Cartoon Network was good in the 90s and early 2000s, they would actually let the credits play. Sometimes the voice announcer would speak over the end credits theme, but it was a lot better than squeezing the credits to the side and not playing the end theme at all like CN does now.

No, this is the credit song of adventure time. The lyric just beautiful!

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14 Bacon Pancakes

Look up "Bacon Pancakes New York remix" on YouTube. You're welcome.

Bacon pancakes maki'n bacon pancakes get the bacon and put it on a pancake bacon pancakes that's what its gonna make bacon pancakes

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15 Finn and Jake

Some might love it some might hate it

16 I Remember You
17 Friend Song

BMO sings this song so adorably! And the lyrics are so cute yet so inspiring about being friends

18 Adventure Time Theme Song

Adventure time! Come on grab your friends! We'll go to very distant lands!
And this is how this show began!

19 Young Lemonhope

I love the melody and PB's voice

20 I Just Can't Get Over You

The lyrics are very touching. I can see my self through Finn... haha d: )

Good song... probably one of the emotional
Love song of Adventure Time

This is so underrated this shoulde be number 3


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