Best AFI Albums

The Top Ten Best AFI Albums

1 Sing the Sorrow
2 Black Sails In the Sunset

Awesome album in my opinion. - Pony

3 The Art of Drowning

This was the perfect blend of their newer sound and older sound

I don't see any reason why The Art of Drowning shouldn't be first.

4 Decemberunderground
5 Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes

God, are ALL the lists on this site asinine? I have yet to find one where I didn't laugh out loud immediately once seeing the top 3 in a topic I am interested in. - RAMENN00DLE5

6 Answer That and Stay Fashionable
7 All Hallow's E.P.
8 Crash Love
9 Very Proud of Ya
10 A Fire Inside

So it's not a full length album and comes in under 10 minutes, but the dark, Samhain-ish sound and (what little we get of) the artwork blew me away. I always wished the neighbouring albums were a little more like this.

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11 Burials
12 AFI
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