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41 The Lost Souls

This song made me cry it is so good.

42 This Celluloid Dream

Very good song how can't it be in first lines

Undeniably catchy and top-ten worthy!

This song should be in the top ten.

43 End Transmission

This song has a marvelous guitar line followed by one of the greatest bass playing of all time. Why isn't this farther up?

This is no where near the worst song it should not be at the bottom of this list! - danielnemirovsky

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44 Veronica Sawyer Smokes
45 Torch Song

One of the most emotional lyrics in the world "I'd tear out my eyes for you,my dear''.. Catchiest sound especially the intro! MUST MUST Listen AFI fans! If you love AFI,check this one out please!

46 Coin Return
47 This Secret Ninja

One of the first songs I ever heard, it's lyrics show just how good AFI was even in the beginning. "Just like Cellophane, you try to cling so tight to me. Your attempts in vain, I'll hold you to the light and see right through."

48 Strength Through Wounding
49 Darling, I Want to Destroy You
50 Prelude 12/21
51 Affliction

It is really cool, I love how he is screaming, and then the chorus sounds all different

52 The Face Beneath the Waves

A dreary masterpiece! Davey's hurt along and raw emotion glimmer through the dull haze of this brilliant song. Atmospheric with beautiful waves of despair flow through you as you listen to In my opinion, AFI's greatest, most infectious song. I will also add the strong resemblence of the cure here. I can't help but think of "The Same Deep Water As You" when I hear this. Perfect!

53 6 to 8
54 On the Arrow
55 Jack the Ripper
56 The Last Kiss

Badass song in my opinion. - Pony

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