Best AFL Players of 2010

The Top Ten

1 Dane Swan

Dane swan has been my favorite player ever

Think again moron, if all umpires liked ever player the same, Ablett would have gotten about 10 votes in the '09 brownlow. GO SWAN!

2 Gary Ablett Gary Ablett Gary Ablett Jr. is a professional Australian rules footballer playing for the Geelong Football Club in the Australian Football League. The eldest son of Australian Football Hall of Fame member and former Geelong player Gary Ablett Sr., Ablett was drafted to Geelong under the father-son rule in the 2001 more.

Gazza is a star of the game and in 2010 he sowed why making the All Australian side for the 4th consecutive year, second in the brownlow,2nd in the b and f well done selwood, snd in MVP, and many more. 5 All Austrlians,2 time Premiership player,2 time nab cup, brownlow medalist, 3 in a row MVP, 2 best and fairests, 3 time player of the year AND CAPTAINING THE GOLD COAST AND HAD A FANTASTIC YEAR IN A STRUGGLING SIDE AND POLLED VERY WELL!

3 Luke Hodge

He is one of a kind in football

4 Joel Selwood Joel Selwood Joel Anthony Selwood is an Australian rules footballer and the current captain of the Geelong Football Club in the Australian Football League.

You mean Joel 'Duckwood'?
Alright, he's an amazing player, but that doesn't stop me hating him. - Flamesofsilver

5 Adam Cooney
6 Alan didak
7 Brendan Goddard

Best player by far in the drawn Grand Final - his miraculous mark was what made me like footy in the first place!

8 Nick Dal Santo
9 Brian Lake
10 Matthew Pavlich

The Contenders

11 Chris Judd
12 Nick Riewoldt

This man will go down as one of the best players off the game I reckon he is better then Wayne Carey you guys see he has had a bad season in 2011 but in 2012 he will bounce back and kick 80 plus goals and take 256 marks I reckon such a legend his courage, speed, leadership, captaincy, effort and plays his heart out every time.

He had a cracker of a season in 2010 started the 3 games on fire with it 50 disposals 11 goals with an average of 3 goals a game and get this 21 marks and 6 of them were contested outstanding. But sadly tore his hamstring but came back in round 15 kicked 1 goals then 1, then 2, then 2, then 4 then 7 then 3 then 3 and continued on his great season come back.

219 games and 473 goals 4th in the st kilda goal kicking table ever. Number 1 draft pick. Nab rising star award in 2002,5 time Trevor barker award better then robert havey,4 time all Australian,2004 MVP, international rule series, captain since 2008, two time leading goal kicker AND BROWNLOW ...more

13 Brent Harvey

Longest AFL player

14 Scott Pendlebury Scott Pendlebury Scott Pendlebury is a professional Australian rules football player and current captain of the Collingwood Football Club in the Australian Football League.
15 Lenny Hayes
16 Jonathan Brown
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