Best African National Football Teams


The Top Ten

1 Egypt

The best African team in the history

Egypt won the African Nations Cup 7 times more than any other African country. Egypt is clearly the best.

Clearly Egypt by defeating Italy 1 - 0 they regained Africa it's honor in football society, you mad Ghana fan's

They are the most successful in the African nations cup ( they won 7 times more than any other country)

2 Nigeria

Nigeria for ever

Nigeria have been unbearable in recent times, having won the nations cup, played over 17 games unbeaten. Team Nigeria are the current champions of Africa.

very good

They are the best Egypt suck

3 Ghana

Ghana are 4 time African Cip champs won the Best Movers Award something that Egypt and Nigeria never did nor ever will do and even made it to the Quarterfinals of the World Cup, and should have been in the Semi final. Thanks a lot Luis Suarez. Egypt and Nigeria are lucky to make it in the round of 16. How bout that Egypt and Nigeria voters. Do not get me wrong Egypt and Nigeria still have good teams. I have lots of respect for both but Ghana is the clear best team in Africa.

There's no doubt about this. Ghana is the best African national team ever

Only team that made to the semi-final

Ghana dominated the teams it played against in the 2010 World Cup and were clearly unfortunate not to reach the Semi-Finals.

4 Cameroon

Cameroon is way better than Nigeria.

Won African cup of nations

Current winners of AFCON 2016

The Lions are indomitable, and on average symbolize the most representable pack of champions from the continent. Their achievements resonate worldwide and their reputation of producing some of the most talented geniuses in the history of international football, leaves the organization nothing short of super stardom.

5 Cote d'Ivoire

Ivory coast has best players

The cote d'lvoire team is the best football team in Africa because their team has good performance and now playing good football Is the best team in Africa thank you

Cote d'Ivoire should be first

Should be on top

6 Algeria

Should be the first African team to qualify for the 1/8 after beating Germany and Chile in the group stages in 1982 world cup

They just are

They should be top 5 honeslty

We have many great players, we are not a one man team unlike some countrys *cough* *cough* *egypt* and overall we have a great team. When they play goog we play good.

7 South Africa

South africa they beat only big teams in africa

Wow it's good for south Africa

SA deserve to be sixth

They have won the cup once but I do admit egypt is better 😩

8 Congo

My country, so sorry for not qualified for Wolrd Cup 2018

Nice coach ibenge

RD Congo have strong player

Congo is fantastic

9 Senegal

Best in Africa

Best of African continent

Among the best team in the world! And best in Africa!

WHAT? Why isn't Senegal number 1? They tied against Japan, (the best team in Asia) 2-2! And won against Poland in the 2018 World Cup!

10 Morocco

Had the best african performance in the world cup, Almost won against Spain if not for the using of the VAR in Last minute.


People say Egypt is the best when morocco screwed them 3-1.

This year morocco has not lost a single match

The Contenders

11 Uganda

Uganda forever. I play soccer I'm decent, and I'm from Uganda. Should be top 10 though

Ateam that finished on top of Ghana in the world cup qualifiers finishing second behind egypt

Good team now

It's a risingteam

12 Ivory Coast
13 Zambia

There is hope

This nation had the entire national team dead and they assembled another team in less than month and went on to reach the continent highest tournament

Zambia is definitely one of the best African teams of all time and makes the top 10. They won their first Afcon in 2012 and have being regular contenders at the tournament for a long time having being reached 3 finals losing twice to Congo DR and Nigeria before beating Ivory Coast in 2012. Today the are honestly more of an average side than a power house but were one of Africa's finest national teams from the 70's to early 1990's. They may be yet to qualify for their first World Cup but are definitely the best African side yet to qualify for the tournament.

Just because

14 Zimbabwe

A nation with Talent,

Zim has nice players

Zimbabwe is ma 1 in 2016

Go warriors! wish you the best!

15 Tunis

Its ranked as the best african football team

Best team, always got new good players.

First african team to win a world cup match in 1978, reaching three time african cup final and wining it in 2004

16 Ethiopia

Ethiopia Rules. But there should be better training for youngsters in this game

17 Libya

Libya are 10 in Africa and are 44 in the world

They are the best national team in Africa

They are the best team in the world they will win world cup 2018

18 Liberia
19 Kenya
20 Gabon
21 Somalia

They such as hell

Somalia vs wales 2-0

22 Sudan
23 Lesotho

Lesotho is also good even though they don't have quality equipment

24 Burkina Faso
25 Eritrea Eritrea officially the State of Eritrea, is a country in East Africa. With its capital at Asmara, it is bordered by Sudan in the west, Ethiopia in the south, and Djibouti in the southeast.
26 Mozambique
27 Mali

They are the best team and they will do best if they can qualify for AFCON 2019

28 Mauritania
29 Angola

Qualified for World Cup 2006

30 Tunisia

Why are they 28?

Tunisia should be able to get the top ten spot easily

Lol Tunisia is first un Africa and rani 14 on thé World go check FIFA...

Tunisia is number 1 team in Africa

31 Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea, officially the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, is a country located in Central Africa, with an area of 28,000 square kilometres.

They Finished 4th Once In AFCON

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