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1 Take Over Control

I want you to take over control! This song is so good and catchy as hell! Afrojack thought of a great beat and ever Simons was great in the song.

The beat is the stanout to the song by ever Simons verses also help improve the song as well.

This was my first hit of afrojack but it made me desperate to go for its all the hits - xitij_freak

I love you afrojack

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2 The Spark

This is a masterpiece by Afrojack...Afrojack Rules!

This song the most awesome ever

I love the music in this song! Awesome song by Afrojack

I like this one better then take over control

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3 Can't Stop Me Now


If this was the last dance of the night
Will you join me til the morning light?

It is original mix

I never feel tired of listening to this song. It's great! Way too awesome!

So good

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4 Do or Die (Afrojack Remix)

This song must go to the top 10...
Afrojack has done it again...

Best song I ever heard in my life

This song has such an energetic feel all day...

This song once made me cry it's so good

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5 Ten Feet Tall

Awesome, better than the bests!

Great lyrics, great beat. My favorite Afrojack song!

Afrojack is cool and Wrabel is great. This is really the best and I can't stop playing this wherever I go and I feel like I am inside a party whenever I hear this. It brings you to places because during the slow part you will feel the soul and during the upbeat, you feel like raising your hand and keep jumping 10 feet tall!


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6 No Beef

I Like too much this song! Is certainly one of his best songs. It must be minimum at N2. Take Over Control is his anthem, his best. But No Beef (with Steve Aoki) is his 2 hit-single. Please guys, vote it. You Like it also if you listen it 2 times in 10 minutes.

Amazing song...can't stop listening to it... Electro house progressive... Remove the vocals and Ah! It's damn as good as sex itself..!

Best beat by afrojack and steve aoki. Just puts my mind in a trance. This should be number 1


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7 Rock the House

It should go high! It's great! Afrojack's one of the best

This song is must be on top the most listen song of afrojack is rock the house.. It must be on top...

Songs looks too sexy as & when I listen to the song

This seriously needs to be top 3

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8 Give Me Everything

What the hell? This is supposed to be Afrojack's number 1 production. This is definitely greater than Take over control. This is the song that made Pitbull & Ne-Yo internationally famous. Deserves to be number 1! Excellent stuff from Afrojack...

Lovely! Great work by afrojack.. Pitbull is good as well..

In this song Afrojack proved that he is good remixer...


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9 Amsterdamn
10 Lionheart

THE GREATEST AFROJACK SONG I HAVE EVER HEARD! WAY ABOVE ANY OTHER ONE! The guy knows how to make music and it's nothing but a work of art!

Lionheart is the GREATEST afrojack song ever. Take Over Control is nothing when it is compared to this masterpiece. So good that I am listening to it right now!

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11 Louder Than Words
12 The Way We See the World

Best of afrojack
I love this song to much...The lyrics,dubstep,and the song also feels really good

13 Bangduck

First time I hear it
It was like heaven in a song.
Rated 10/10
Could dance to this all day long. No joke

The funky side of Afrojack. I totally love the two different drops.

It is a cool song by DJ Afrojack

Should be a bit higher

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14 As Your Friend

'NEW SONG'! It features Chris brown... Good song...

This song should be featured in top 5!

Are u guys like kidding me! This song is one of the EDM songs ever n its lingering at 14? Shame - Ark-M

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15 Replica

One of his earlier songs... not just the song is so perfect (at most the drop) it was a new way of style he established with this song in the scene and his own productions... this song means so much to his career, his fans and the electro scene... IT MUST BE on #1

This is easily the best afrojack song. Seriously, this song needs to be wayy higher up. One of his best songs languishing in ninth place. Bring it up quickly cause it deserves a better place.

9!? ,9?! WHAT!? This is one of the greatest songs on EARTH

For me this has to be in the first 5

16 Party Ain't Over

Awesome Music By Afrojack+superb Pitbull and Usher Combo, The tone of the song is too good!
Will surely electrify...

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17 Drop Down (Do My Dance)
18 Afroki
19 Toyfriend


Not so nice dj Afrojack try hard

20 Ghettoblaster
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1. The Spark
2. Do or Die (Afrojack Remix)
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1. Take Over Control
2. The Spark
3. Do or Die (Afrojack Remix)



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