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21 Sovereign Light Cafe (Remix)

That Drop, awesome vocals a truly AMAZING and MUST MUST MUST MUST hear songs for House fans

This is so great. The drop is great, vocals are great, its just a great song listen to it!

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22 Beat Down (Afrojack Remix) Beat Down (Afrojack Remix)
23 Gangnam Style Remix
24 Fatility Fatility

To all Afrojack lovers please hear this song. It will move your legs...

25 Lunar Lunar

Fantastic to see David guetta and afrojack together and one of the best songs that I ever heard...

Nice 1 featuring David guetta

I loved this track, when I heard it first time
No vocals but good song.

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26 Who's That Chick? (Afrojack Remix) Who's That Chick? (Afrojack Remix)
27 Prutataaa Prutataaa

Awesome song, Even better if you listen to the remix made by Dada life...Very heavy

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28 Turn Up the Speakers

Super music damn good...! Must listen before you die

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29 Pop On Acid Pop On Acid

How is this not a higher rated song? Unbelievable. It's one of their best dance songs.

Amazed... No doubts for Afrojack's credibility... I can say its one of his best...

30 I Just Wanna F I Just Wanna F

AMAZING! NEEDS to be in the top 3! - WAWL1234

31 Illuminate Illuminate

This song is so damn good! Very underrated song

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32 Real High Real High
33 Selecta Selecta
34 Titanium V 1 Comment
35 Have Some Fun Have Some Fun

Insane song! A must for afrojack lovers.. Pitbull's rap and voacal's by the wanted are amazing

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36 Peanuts
37 Collide (Afrojack Remix)
38 Unstoppable Unstoppable V 2 Comments
39 Bungee Bungee V 1 Comment
40 Doing It Right Doing It Right
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