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41 Peanuts
42 Collide (Afrojack Remix)
43 Unstoppable V 2 Comments
44 Bungee V 1 Comment
45 Look At Me Now
46 Run the World (Girls)
47 Ray Bomb

For all the party animals, this song is just superb for dancing

V 1 Comment
48 Dynamite

Snoop Dogg adds some epicness to it and the song is downright amazing - Lameformer

Snoop doggy diff voice and afro mucic is so amazing it will make you move

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49 This Is Love
50 Be My Lover

It's a new song featuring INNA.. Awesome music by Afrojack...

51 Wrecking Ball Remix
52 Catch Tomorrow

I have concluded Afrojack released the worst songs from the album as singles. What about this masterpiece? He got STING to collaborate with him but decided to release a basic, forgettable track with Snoop Dogg instead. Such a waste, this could have been a hit. - JustListen

Such an underrated song, deserves to be way higher up on this list

53 We're All No One
54 How I Like
55 Something For The DJ's
56 Rolling It Right
57 Can't Stop Me
58 Air Guitar

This track is so powerful and interesting. Definitely deserves to be in the top ten.

This song is beast... Afrojack rocks...

59 So High

Its a Jay Sean song but produced by Afrojack.. The beats are amazing
In the song.. Hear it.. You will not be dissappointed.. I assure you..

60 Be With You

The voice and the music is so amazing that it will make you move..

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