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1 In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion

Not only one of the best Agalloch songs but also one of my favorite songs of all-time. - cjWriter1997

My personal favorite...moving lyrics...just too perfect for words.

Just Greatest Agalloch song - Silverstone95

One of the greatest songs ever written - Caleb9000

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2 Falling Snow

Falling snow is one of the most atmospheric songs I've ever heard.
One of my favorite of all time

3 Not Unlike the Waves

Has an amazing atmosphere

4 Our Fortress Is Burning, Pt. II (Bloodbirds)

This song captures bittersweet beauty in a way like no other.

5 Fire Above, Ice Below
6 Limbs
7 Hallways of Enchanted Ebony
8 ...And the Great Cold Death of the Earth
9 The Melancholy Spirit
10 Odal

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11 Dead Winter Days

This is probably my favorite Agalloch song. Don't know why, it just has this amazing feel to it. - Metalmaniakkk

12 Black Lake Nidstang

Epic from start to finish. The middle instrumental bridge creates a fantastic transition to the final angry diatribe of the nidstang. Pure win

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13 The Hawthorne Passage
14 You Were But a Ghost In My Arms
15 She Painted Fire Across the Skyline
16 Into the Painted Grey
17 I Am the Wooden Doors
18 The Watcher's Monolith
19 As Embers Dress the Sky
20 Our Fortress is Burning
21 A Desolation Song
22 To Drown
23 The Misshapen Steed
24 Plateau of the Ages

From The serpent & the sphere, really good song!

25 This Old Cabin
26 This White Mountain on Which You Will Die
27 The Lodge
28 Pantheist
29 Kneel to the Cross
30 The Astral Dialogue
31 Celebration for the Death of Man
32 Dark Matter Gods
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1. Not Unlike the Waves
2. Our Fortress Is Burning, Pt. II (Bloodbirds)
3. Limbs
1. Dead Winter Days
2. Falling Snow
3. In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion
1. Falling Snow
2. Limbs
3. In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion

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