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21 Endless Night

It is a disgrace that this book is down the list. One of the most gripping and frightening novels by Christie. Just because roger ackroyd was released before this it is not famous. If it was the other way around... When I read this book I had no clue about the murder only the last chapter revealed it. Many people could have easily guessed roger ackroyd but this will be difficult. So much emotion and love involved it is too good to be true. In the history of detective novels no one could have got this close to witnessing the mind the insane. Truly brilliant

One of Christie's darkest and most eerie! Her legerdemain in this is again stunning if not entirely original... one of the best of her later period. Will creep the dickens out of you! Undoubtedly I think this is one of her masterpieces though often overlooked.

This book is enough to give even the bravest reader the chills, probably the most dangerous unpredictable and cruel killer in the history of detective novels. you just can't forget the words endless night...

Excuse me? How can this be on no.25? This is a such an awesome book. - anaghamenon14

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22 Murder in Mesopotamia

Perfectly pasced. Hercule Poirot doesn't even appear until well into the story but it's such a well written novel, it only makes it better when he does. Along with "Death on the Nile, " her best "Middle East" set novels.

It is a very thrilling and awesome.

Should be within the top 5 for sure!

One of her best books!

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23 The Man in the Brown Suit V 1 Comment
24 Murder Is Easy

It is the first Agatha Christie novel I've ever read... Which made me love her...

Most surprising and one of my absolute Agatha Christie favorites!

25 The Mysterious Affair at Styles

A great start to a masterful series!

The first Hercule Poirot mystery.

The only Poirot book I didn't like. Maybe because I read it out of order, but the ending was predictable.

My first impression of the series and really great beginning to a wonderful adventure for me.

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26 Cards on the Table

The first Poirot book I read, which got me hooked. I have now read all the Poirot books due to this captivating story of Mr Shaitana

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27 The Pale Horse

Second best book of hers. After the "And then there were none" of course. Very intelligent scheme of crimes. The criminal that Agathe met in her youth and brought to the limelight when its proper time came. The book that saved several human lives... and perhaps ruined some at the same time)

Best book I have ever read in my life

I'm a big Agatha Christie fan, and this is my second favorite after CROOKED HOUSE.

Best ending I have ever read for Christie

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28 Hickory Dickory Dock

The best "find the motive" book.

29 Death Comes As the End

I love it, the killer was the only one that I didn't suspect.

30 A Pocketfull of Rye

Very well done and unfortunately under-rated. Christie understood psychopaths before most people had ever heard the word.

One of Christie's great characterizations of a psychopath.

Based on a nursery rhyme,like many classics such as "ten little n..." "five little pigs"
or "crooked house",the plot is masterfully written ;and this is perhaps the only novel in which miss marple is on the verge of tears at the end.

31 Sparkling Cyanide

Christie's ingenious idea in the end is a masterclass and it's quite surprising this book is so down the list

This book should at least be in the top 20
Just because of Christie's ingenious idea of y the murder took place

32 Appointment With Death

Interesting family dynamic, setting, description of the beautiful landscape and many different possible suspects. On my top 5 list with unusual characters.

33 Three Act Tragedy
34 The Murder at the Vicarage

Loved it but for its English village, tinkling of the tea cups/gossip setting - but definitely overshadowed by Murder is Announced, in my opinion!

The most English of her novels with Miss Marple and the best supporting characters/suspects of all her novels.

Personally I feel its Miss Marple's best and to top it all its her first.

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35 The Murder on the Links

This should be in the top 5. It's in my top 5 books of all time. It seriously will blow you away! Agatha, what a genius that woman is! Best writer of all time hands down. This world would be glum without her. She brings smart, fun, silly, funny, crazy, unique, and amazement into every book she wrote! This one is the supreme example!

You won't guess both the murderer or his/her motive. An excellent book. One of her bests.

This book kept me wondering till the last page.A book which deserves more.

36 The Third Girl

Awesome book! Its about three gals livin in an apartment where one of them one day comes to Hercule Poirot confessing that she MIGHT have murdered sme1!
A must read! To all

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37 The Moving Finger

Perfect mix of love-story and crime. Wonderful use of famous quotes too. Super language from start to end.

A great favourite and a popular variation of the poison pen theme. James D'Arcy, that hugely underrated and too modest actor, plays it beautifully in the T.V. Suchet version.

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38 Elephants Can Remember
39 The Secret of Chimneys

This isn't my favorite... But I want to tell you, that this one you get totally on the wrong track! You always think, oh the diamond was why the dude was killed, the diamond was why the maid was killed, and the secret passageway and the coded message, every thing the diamond, the diamond, the diamond... But finally, it's not the diamond. The greatest Jewel... Virginia, the illegitimate daughter of the Count and the wife. You'll never guess who the murderer is. He/She was the only one I thought could never have done it... But he did!

40 N or M?

A spy thriller, and a different genre. Worthy of consideration.

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