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41 Halloween Party

Nice one quite horror

42 The Seven Dials Mystery

Its just awesome. I really enjoyed the ending and at the end I was so baffled. I have read this book a number of times. It's a good one. Deserves reading.

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43 The Body in the Library

This Miss Marple mystery is also set in St Mary Mead and with some of the same characters as The Murder At The Vicarage

44 The Mousetrap

Along with Witness for the Prosecution Christie best play. Saw it In London after it had been running over twenty five years, and Before I saw it wondered why any one play could run so long. Stereotypical Christie setting, a snow bound mountain lodge, a variety of sinister house guests, a police man arrives pursuing an identified suspect, and they are all snowed in. Then murder occurs, and someone there must be the murderer and no one can leave. You can recognise half a dozen or more Christie plot elements from her other stories, but the difference is that the end contains a twist arguably as original as that of The murder of Roger Ackroyd,or Murder on the Orient Express. Once again Christie subverts the conventions of the murder mystery with a great denoument.

45 The Secret Adversary

The only Agatha Christie novel with just two suspects from start to finish and you just can't decide which of them is the criminal mastermind. Tommy and Tuppence at their very best.

46 Mrs. McGinty's Dead
47 Black Coffee

How is this left unmentioned? Every sentence is written with such excellence. The characters remain most intriguing till the end when we shall really find the truth. With Captain Hastings and Poirot playing together, this is unguessable, beautiful and the best by far. A Must read.

The Best One Yet! Second perhaps only to ' And Then there were none'

48 Taken at the Floods

I can't remember Hastings in this book?! It's one of the very few Christies centred on the effects/after-effects of the Second World War. Lots of fascinating insight into social conditions. One of the few where the 'n' word is casually used - but by a most deliberately unsympathetic character. I found the solution to be one of Christie's most disappointing. Still a good read, mind you, with very memorable characters.

As always agatha christie shows her class with this book.
Hastings is almost made to die in this book. A deserving book to feature in the top 10

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49 The Big Four

Can't believe it isn't on the list. If you like AC then I'm sure it is way better then The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. Mark My Words!

50 One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
51 Lord Edgware Dies

Another masterpiece by the world's greatest writer! All the Poirot books with Captain Hastings in it is the best!

The best Poirot book ever! The first Christie book I read and the best! If you can guess the ending right, you must be the worlds greatest detective!

At the very top of her game with this one.

52 Why Didn't They Ask Evans?

Fascinating how just one last line of a dying man leads in the end to solving the crime.

A delightful mix of mystery, adventure and bright young things. Sheer pleasure!

Wouldn't guess the criminal till the end!


53 Nemesis
54 The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding
55 By the Pricking of My Thumbs

Loved it and its overtones of slithery creepiness! A very good baffler!

I liked it, mystery and little horror too... very interesting...
Not bad give it a try if you didn't read it yet..

56 Easy to Kill

A delightful English village mystery and my nephew's named after the main protagonist - Luke Fitzwilliam!

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57 The Thirteen Problems
58 Miss Marple's Final Cases

In a glass darkly was pretty intriguing.

59 Dead Man's Folly
60 Ordeal by Innocence
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