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Thank You, Pain Thank You, Pain Cover Art

Great song, great video, great everything. I have never seen such artistry in a modern female fronted band. Alyssa White sure does make it look easy. I LOVE HER! VERY MUCH! But I'm not that kind of dreamer

Great song. Great recovery after hearing... And Their Eulogies Sang Me to Sleep as your first The Agonist Song. Although possibly not quite as amusing when it goes off in class as Eulogies was.

I agree, this is the best song of The Agonist. The screams, clean vocals, lyrics, and music, overall is really awesome.

Best song currently listed. It won't let me add Revenge of the Dadaists, which is my favourite Agonist song.

Panophobia Panophobia Cover Art

In my opinion this is definitely their best song!

I listen to this song on loop for hours

Business Suits and Combat Boots Business Suits and Combat Boots Cover Art

This song oh my god! My favorite The Agonist song of all time. The message, the guitar, the growls, the screaming and the piano at the end. Everything falls into place so perfectly. Personally, the best The Agonist song of all time.

Their best song, awesome

The Tempest (The Siren's Song, the Banshee's Cry) The Tempest (The Siren's Song, the Banshee's Cry) Cover Art

Awesome awesome awesome awesome! The song is just amazing... The vocals, bass, guitars and amazing drum beats! Not to forget the classical twist to the song! Really great!

...And Their Euglogies Sang Me to Sleep ...And Their Euglogies Sang Me to Sleep Cover Art

This was the first The Agonist song I ever heard, and it still sticks with me. I love Alissa's growls in this song.

Memento Mori Memento Mori Cover Art
Born Dead, Buried Alive Born Dead, Buried Alive Cover Art
Forget Tomorrow Forget Tomorrow Cover Art

This song is so underrated! I've been obsessed with this song forever and I still am!

Gates of Horn and Ivory Gates of Horn and Ivory Cover Art

Best song off the new album! Why is this not on the list? Vicky really proved herself in this song...she might not be Alissa, but she's still very good.

Globus Hystericus Globus Hystericus Cover Art
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Void of Sympathy Void of Sympathy Cover Art
Take a Bow Take a Bow Cover Art

Underrated. The seamless transitions of beautiful singing and growls is great. The lyrics are good when I'm angry at the evil of the world

Prayer and Predator

Love it, But at song parts it can become scary in a way that I love, the vocals are awesome

Come on guys not even on the list

My Witness, Your Victim

New album people

Danse Macabre Danse Macabre Cover Art
You're Coming with Me You're Coming with Me Cover Art

Powerful growls, dynamic verses, awesome lyrics and the chorus part is just a straight eargasm. This song is full of energy, it is the perfect opener for the album.

LOVE IT! "I'm going straight to hell and you coming with me! Yesterdays air suffocates me! " Love that for some unknown reason

Anxious Darwinians Anxious Darwinians Cover Art
Revenge of the Dadaists Revenge of the Dadaists Cover Art

This song really shows how great a vocalist that Alissa is. The range and varied styles blend together so beautifully. The accompanying guitars and drums flow along like a chaotic river crashing against a dark shore of mixed sensations. If I'm being honest, this is not only my favourite Agonist song, it is one of my favourite songs by anyone.

Surprised that this isn't even listed. This song has everything. I especially like Allissa's clean screaming at the end of the song. Always makes me emotional the way she delivers those lines. "You never warned me! That I would get so badly burned! "

Probably the best way to bid farewell to Alissa. Seeing as this is the last song, on the last album she performed on. Sad to see that this is so low...but I suppose people think that "singles" are better than all the other songs.

When the Bough Breaks When the Bough Breaks Cover Art
Chlorpromazine Chlorpromazine Cover Art
The Lonely Solipsist The Lonely Solipsist Cover Art
The Escape The Escape Cover Art
Birds Elope with the Sun Birds Elope with the Sun Cover Art
Follow the Crossed Line Follow the Crossed Line Cover Art
Jesters Rejoice Where Wise Men Weep

I personally believe this is one of of the best, you can't find it on spotify but you can on YouTube

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