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1 All Out of Love

Simply the best song

2 Even the Nights are Better

This is their best song! - Beatlesboy9

Definitely deserved to be higher

3 Making Love Out of Nothing at All

I like the lyrics at the beginning of the song, it just brilliant. I also like GOODBYE, why isn't it in the TOP 10 list?

This is the best song I have ever heard, air supply is outstanding.. please listen the song and vote for it..

I hear this song again and again without feel any bore.

The notes in this songs is very perfect

4 The One that You Love

This was a cool song because it topped the Billboard Hot 100 on July 25, 1981, and remained there for one week, so please put it at number one.

5 Lost in Love
6 Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was Over You)
7 Sweet Dreams
8 Every Woman in the World
9 Lonely is the Night
10 Goodbye

The Contenders

11 Taking the Chance
12 Just as I Am
13 Without You
14 Two Less Lonely People in the World

This was a very cool song and definitely deserves to be their greatest song.

15 It's Never Too Late
16 I Can't Let Go

Best song ever by Russel, period

17 Come What May
18 Always
19 The Vanishing Race
20 Unchained Melody
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1. All Out of Love
2. Even the Nights are Better
3. The One that You Love
1. The One that You Love
2. All Out of Love
3. Making Love Out of Nothing at All



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