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1 Runnin' Wild

This song restored my faith in hard rock. Airborne are awesome. This song is true hard rock

Emulating the quality of AC/DC very well indeed.

This song was one of the reasons that pulled me into NHL 09. One of my favorite rock songs. There are other good songs in the soundtrack though.

The Greatest!

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2 Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast

People don't give this band enough credit, they say that airboure are just an AC/DC rip off but they aint, they are a great rock band with some brilliant songs!

It really describes my life! I still prefer this one to Runnin' Wild...

God, this sounds just like some of AC/DC's stuff. - Beatlesboy9

3 No Way but the Hard Way

This is definitely my favourite song of Airbourne. Should be 1st!

4 Stand Up for Rock 'N' Roll

Great intro... its really familiar with AC/DC... but course AC/DC its better... but this guys are very good too...

Killer vocals, awesome guitar, great lyrics, cool AC/DC type intro, awesome song

This is one of the best intro's hard rock has ever had!

5 Diamond in the Rough

Great song with great meaning

6 Bottom of the Well

The best song I've heard since a long time... When I'm down for any reason, this song gets me up, and every time I hear it I get the balls to do anything. I even like this song way more than most of AC/DC

I can't believe this song isn't getting the recognition it deserves, everyone should watch this music video

7 Blonde, Bad and Beautiful

Great song! Makes me want to start headbanging so hard! It's a really good one

8 Live It Up

Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast and Bottom Of The Well were my favorites... until this song was released (It's just an even more bad ass balls wall rocking track)

Truly Amazing Song for the new generation!

It's new, so not that popular, but this song is a masterpiece.

Love the really fast riff and the strong vocals. This song became my personal anthem when I first heard it. Should be higher in here, like top 3 o so.

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9 Back In the Game

Because it's a good song

Good riffs, good solos : great song!

10 Blackjack

Rollin' the Dice, Never thinkin' twice!

The best with runin' wild and live it up - shatti

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11 Born to Kill

THE BEST. It's most kickass song I've ever heard!

12 No One Fits Me (Better Than You)

For me, one of the best songs that they have

13 Heartbreaker
14 Raise the Flag

Great lyrics, awesome song overall. Raise the flag for rock n roll!

15 Ready to Rock

Why is this not a single. what a belter of a tune

16 Heads Are Gonna Roll
17 Girls In Black

This and Runnin' Wild is the BEST for me!

Dint you Hear It...
What A Song...
Must B Number 1...

18 Rivalry

Best LIVE Song!

19 Cheap Wine

That song is rock and I love it

20 Black Dog Barking

This song is the top ten for sure. Joel barks like hell! The album is not called the same without a reason.

The Best!

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1. Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
2. Live It Up
3. Stand Up for Rock 'N' Roll
1. Runnin' Wild
2. No Way but the Hard Way
3. Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
1. Back In the Game
2. Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
3. No One Fits Me (Better Than You)



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