Best Airline Aircraft Liveries


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1 Singapore Airlines

Very elegant livery! I love this airline just because it had a nice livery.

That bird on the tail is very elegant. - boeingrules

Clean, elegant, distinctive

2 Cathay Pacific

The original liviery is a bit dull but their special livery editions are usually magnificent works

3 Qantas
4 Garuda Indonesia

Their new livery after "The Quantum Leap" program is simply wonderful. The vivid blue spectrum colors of Garuda is even flying away to several Europe destinations on their new 773s. I am simply fond of it.

Simply beautiful and complex aircraft livery design! Very handsome indeed!

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5 British Airways
6 Thai Airways
7 Korean Air
8 Japan Airlines
9 Alitalia
10 Air Canada

The Contenders

11 Thomson Dreamliner Livery
12 Monarch Airlines
13 All Nippon Airways
14 Malaysia Airline

The new livery is simple and classy. Could be your favorite?

15 Philippine Airlines

It's very artistic and nothing much has change for the past 50 years that they've been using it. It truly reflect the country that they're flying. Nice color schemes too.

16 Etihad Airways
17 Royal Jordanian
18 Asiana Airlines
19 Aer Lingus
20 Swiss
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