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61 Blu Express
62 Meridiana Fly
63 Kingfisher Airlines
64 Northwest Airlines
65 Cyprus Airways

Very good get free food

66 Mahan Air
67 SAS Scandinavian Airlines

Amazing airline that is supposed to be the most punctual airline in Europe and certainly has not been late for us! Their staff are friendly and their fleet is currently being modernised with the amazing a350 and the neo and a330 as well as the 737nextgen!

68 Emirates Airlines

Why is on the same list get rid off this list its already on the list 1# - SpencerJC

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69 Biman Bangladesh Airlines

I hope every body like our airlines

70 China Airlines

Please make this number 1

71 Indigo

My favourite Indian airline it is so cool

72 SpiceJet
73 Saudi Airline
74 IndiGo Airlines

Low fares, On time, hassle-free. Amazing service! FRom India!

75 El Al
76 Air Blue

Nice service!

77 Air China
78 Hainan Airlines
79 LAN Airlines
80 Pan American World Airways

Though this airline ceased operating, Pan Am was luxury in the sky. Seats were comfortable and super spacious. The flight crew were sweet, charming, and sophisticated. They served meals (like actual cooked food) on food trays. The drinks were free. Guys, we need to reopen this airline!

In 1996 Pan american is closed but great history - SpencerJC

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