Best Akademi Fantasia (Malaysia) Singers

Akademi Fantasia (commonly abbreviated as AF) is Malaysia's first reality television show in which a number of contestants called students compete for the winning title and a chance to start their career in the entertainment industry.

The format of the show is taken from "La Academia", which originated in Mexico. Malaysia is the first country in Southeast Asia to have its own version of this show. Subsequently, it has also been followed by Indonesia and Thailand, which garners positive response in comparison to the Idol series.

The Top Ten

1 Stacy

She is Malaysian dancing queen. Talented singer. Can dance and sing at the same time. No lypsync. Never disappointed her fans during performance. Very sporting with her fans. So creative, cool and stylo. I can say, she is one of the most popular female singer in Malaysia.

Stacy is the best singer and more talented. She has power voice and the same time she can sing with dancing. Stacy is the Queen Dancing. She so cool, sporting and stylo. Stacy is the most popular singer in Malaysia

She had a wonderful voice.. Very talented.. And the most interesting about her is she can dance and sing at the same time. Superb! And she is Malaysian dancing queen! Love stacy af6. One in a million.. STACY ANGIE

Stacy is more talented of the other. She can sing with dance at the same time. I really love her she are the best in Asia. Do your best Stacy! Keep it up Stacy! We LOVE you!

2 Hafiz

Safe to say he could be the next sudirman. A very talented young man. Never failed to mesmerize us with his powerful vocal. One of a few singers that sings straight from his heart. Give him any songs, he sure will give us his best. In person, he's very humble. What he achieved today, he deserves it.

soothing/powerful voice with good self discipine, he can go far in the industry.

Most powerful n the best vocalist for 3 consecutive years in AJL (25-27)

One sentence that explain about hafiz...
The best product ever... Will become th next dato ct n sudir

3 Adira

powerful voice and give chance another few years, for sure she can be like our no. 1 Msian singer DATUK SITI NURHALIZA. All the best to her.

Juat having a cute face and such a bombastic voice, she can be a top singer! So, vote her now or we will missed someone that is the best..

Adira's voice so powerful! Yayang the best... Keep it up, all the best!

Adira is the best voice female...

4 Akim

Akim have a very great vocal. He has a husky voice.. And very heartfelt... He also good in compose song.. And most of his song is by himself... He can sing all types of song.. I'm sure he can be a very best male singer in Malaysia and also in the world - wide... He is very talented in sing and others...

Akim has a very great vocal.. he can sing all type of songs.. can sing all popular songs & make it like his own.. he also compose his own songs.. give him time & sure he can be the best male singer in Malaysia & if it's possible he can make it to internasional..

Akim Ahmad has B-L-T (brain, looks, talent).. He has this soothing low tone voice, which is very heartfelt.. He writes n composes his own songs.. He is also very talented n commercial looking which is why he gets offers for films, dramas, n endorsements

Akim has a very unique, husky voice.. He is not only can sing very well, he is also a great songwriter... I'm fall in love with his songs n his voice! Seriously! He's awesome!

5 Shahir
6 Aril

Aril is the best singer ever. Great vocal. You are the superstar Aril!

I don't know what to say because Aril is too awesome!

Aril has a very good talent in singing.. Terbaek wook! His voice also the best...

Aril have powerful voice and versatile artis..

7 Mawi
8 Vince
9 Aizat
10 Zahid

The Contenders

11 Hazama
12 Nubhan

1.unique voice 2.powerful voice control especially in low note 3.his voice suitable for many type of song especially ballad

13 Mila
14 Amylea

Honestly I never know who she is. But my maid always said about her to my wife. so my wife latestly named our kitten Amylea. The cat, she can meow, very nice..

15 Marsha
16 Khai
17 Kaer
18 Farhan

Shes great...

19 Riz
20 Idayu
21 Ara
22 Rich
23 Dafi
24 Maulana
25 BOB

Do you forget about Bob? He should be on top..!

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