Best Akatsuki Characters

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1 madara

It's understandable why Madara so famous! He's super funny and totally awesome! He deserve to get the first place!

2 deidara

Deidara is colorful in every way, cute with long exquisite hair, he's sly and arrogant, and his artworks are formidable!

Deidara-sempai is so funny when it comes to Tobi! He is also a Kinjutsu user, which makes him super powerful. He is also a wonderful artist, and a worthy opponent. Even Gaara lost to him. So when you are invited to fight with deidara, say no!

3 itachi
4 nagato
5 konan

Her 600 billions bomb paper was Magnificent

6 sasori
7 Kakuzu
8 hidan hidan

I know Hidan isn't the most popular character in Naruto, but he is -by FAR- my favorite. I mean, come on, he's IMMORTAL! He carries around this huge, bad-ass scythe and steals someone's own blood to kill them. When he's in ritual form, he looks like a skeleton. Scythe, Skeleton... He's the Naruto version of the grim reaper! Hidan has a cocky, relaxed, and foul attitude, which is exactly why I like him!

9 kisame kisame
10 zetsu
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