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41 Bokutachi Wa Tatakawanai

Absolutely brilliant and powerful song! A true masterpiece and massively different from most of AKB's music!

I think this song is the best AKB48 song ever!

42 Ue kara Mariko V 2 Comments
43 Majisuka Rock N Roll
44 Boku No Sakura
45 Dare Ka No Tame Ni
46 Suki Suki Suki
47 Futari Nori No Jitensha
48 AKB Sanjou
49 Separuh Aku
50 Dear My Teacher

WHAT?! Dear My Teacher wasn't even in the list when I came to vote! Come on this song is awesome (if we forget the lyrics... )

51 Love Trip

Really energetic song, nice for a drama

A perfect summer song! go watch the MV, you can feel the roller coster feeling from happiness, sadness, hope, believe, etc.. Another masterpiece from the national idol group of Japan!

V 1 Comment
52 Baby! Baby! Baby!

What MAN?! This song need a higher rank!

How is this not higher up? This song gets in your head!

V 1 Comment
53 Anchi
54 Salah
55 Vegetables

So cute the song always makes me happy... Although I can never eat vegetables again... Or look at a blender the same way... Plus in this song Takamina fulfilled her childhood dream of being cabbage!

56 Lucky Seven

This song has a really nice video and a wonderful, uplifting melody. All in all, a very classy performance!

57 Kurumi to Dialogue
58 Rock Da Yo, Jinsei Wa...

From a musical perspective, it's the best AKB song. There's no doubt about this.

59 Sakitnya Tuh Disini
60 Hashire! Penguin V 1 Comment
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