Best Akcent Songs

The Top Ten Best Akcent Songs

1 That's My Name

Amazing song... It has a great music and lyrics are fantastic
i love to hear this song, I can hear it 100 times. I never get bored to hear this song.

Oh, it is an awesome song. I am the newest akcent fan. I love his songs

When I listen to this song it's like a new energy has filled in me.

Awesome song!

2 King of Disco




It is good song but not too good as that's my name because that's my name brought popularity to akcent

3 My Passion

Awesome song...
Music is to good...
Thumbs up for this song...
Loved it
And it should be at top 3...

This one deserves to be at the top in my opinion...

Please people vote this song

My favourite song is my passion that's my name and king of disco

4 Kylie

This is best song...i heard it first time in just blew my mind..deserves top 3 places

EVERY song here, at least the first 10, are absolutely amazing and deserve the #1 place..
But THIS song is just special to me!

In my opinion somewhat 80s-90s style.. But it was simply superb

I have no wors to describe this song I will only say bravo!

5 Stay with Me

That, s MY name and stay with me are both akcent, s Best Songs I can, t choose between Them

Superb Background Score and An Awesome Set of Lyrics This Song Can Surely Mesmerize Someone Even on The First Second ;)!

Awesome & addictive track.. !

Probably his best song. I just Love it.. !

6 French Kiss

I love this song! the meaning is very gross, but I love this band a lot. LOVE YOU AKCENT.

7 Jokero

I love this song akcent you rock

Good and very good

8 Love Stoned

It's a great song and adi sina has a great voice keep it up

This song must be on number 1 spot

Even Calvin Harris stole it's main line

Tis should be on top

After hearing this I'm become the biggest fan of akcent

9 I'm Sorry

Yeah... It deserves 3rd position. Killer beat.

My favourite song I love this song by heart this song deserves 2nd position this song is special

This song deserves 3 position just after that's my name and stay with me
These 3 songs are the very best of akcent

It's the best akcent song with arabic

10 Lovers Cry

That is very good! I loved it

It;s the best song I have ever heard

The best shot of akcent

Signature Akcent at their best

The Contenders

11 Angels

Am really surprised to see this song at this rank. It was my first rank for long time

A great song with beats and vocals.

Man this should be higher!

This song deserve to be at top 3...

12 How Deep Is Your Love

Oh! Gosh! What is it doing out here! Deserves a better spot =)

What the hell. This is better than any other songs

Its very good feeling song

I thought that it was the BEST SONG EVER I've heard in my life.

13 Kamelia

It gets me every time and the rap snippet is awesome music is awesome lyrics are awesome

Kamelia is just mind blowing

2014 surprised by akcent... Man lets cheer it up for this

Oh this the better song for me ever.just awesome

14 Tears
15 Delight

It's a pretty nice song

Truly a Delight!

16 My Habibi

It's a great song

Amazing song I love it

I really love it

17 Ti-am Promis

I like them all

18 Feelings On Fire

This song is one of the best from Akcent and really deserves to be on Top 3!

Very beautiful song

Feeling on fire awosome song

I lve your songs you r the best

19 True Believer
20 Let's Talk About It

You must be joking this is a great song just listen it

Best ov alll I love this song

My Number 1 song of Akcent
1) Let's talk about it - The best tune, easy to pick up the lyrics and a very very catchy tune..
2) Lover's cry
3) I'm Sorry
4) Feelings on Fire
5) Dilemma
6) Babylon
7) My passion
8) Kylie
9) Stay with me
10) How deep is your love
11) Love Stoned
12) King of Disco
I am a Hardcore fan of Akcent.. Heard each song 50 times at least

21 Happy People

Vote it guys! It Deserves the top spot besides That's my name!

22 I Turn Around the World

For a special girl, I turn around the world

This song is gerat

23 On and On

This must be among the top 5 song! Love this song

Ufff.. Sad to see it here at bottom... Pull it up please

24 Stereo Love

What a song man loved it...

Awesome song deserves number one

I just love the music� - � -

25 Chimie Intre Noi

Great song... Great lyrics and music... Love this song

I like this song.

26 Runaway
27 Beautiful Life
28 Hold On

I think this song deserves to beat least on top five. The rhythm and the bit just drifts you away. Awesome song!

This song should at least be in top 10

This song deserves
Top five rank

What is this song doing here. Deserves much better position. Should be in first five at least.amazing song,beautiful beats it's a killer

29 All Alone

Yeah my my guess so it should be in top ten.

This is the best song ever! I just love it..

It's the best featuring shazoda it should be in top tens

30 Faina

Definitely deserve better position

My best song ever!

29 re-listen song it's deserves good postion

31 Dilemma

Real Song for Real Listeners. THE BEST.

Best song it seems ad sina is still young

This should be on second

Seriously only 0.1percent people like it? Try it, its really good.

32 Amor Gitana

This is the best one n jt has most viees om yutube

It is the best song ever! I love it very much. Great!

I love this song as much as I love ADRIAN SINA

33 Into the Caucasus Style
34 Next to Me

Nice lyrics and song it

On of the most beautiful song ever it...and best song it all time.

35 Too Late to Cry

I love it's sound and beautiful voice but why it's voted so low.

Must listen to this piece DUDE

36 Enigma
37 Umbrela Ta
38 Make Me Shiver

This song is beautiful. Deserves first place.

39 Andale

Must be in top 6

This song deserve to be in top ten..
Awesome lyrics! Awesome beat!

40 Go Crazy
41 Boracay
42 Lacrimi Curg
43 Back to Me
44 O Noapte Si O Zi
45 S-ajung O Stea
46 Last Summer
47 I'm Buying You Whisky
48 I Swear
49 Four Seasons In One Day
50 Te Quiero
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