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21 Happy People

Vote it guys! It Deserves the top spot besides That's my name!

22 Chimie Intre Noi

Great song... Great lyrics and music... Love this song

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23 Stereo Love

What a song man loved it...

Awesome song deserves number one

I just love the music� - � -

24 On and On

This must be among the top 5 song! Love this song

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25 I Turn Around the World

For a special girl, I turn around the world

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26 Runaway
27 Beautiful Life
28 Hold On

I think this song deserves to beat least on top five. The rhythm and the bit just drifts you away. Awesome song!

This song should at least be in top 10

What is this song doing here. Deserves much better position. Should be in first five at least.amazing song,beautiful beats it's a killer

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29 All Alone

Yeah my my guess so it should be in top ten.

This is the best song ever! I just love it..

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30 Faina

Definitely deserve better position

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31 Dilemma

Best song it seems ad sina is still young

Seriously only 0.1percent people like it? Try it, its really good.

This should be after that's my name.

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32 Too Late to Cry

I love it's sound and beautiful voice but why it's voted so low.

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33 Amor Gitana

It is the best song ever! I love it very much. Great!

I love this song as much as I love ADRIAN SINA

34 Into the Caucasus Style
35 Enigma
36 Umbrela Ta
37 Next to Me
38 Boracay
39 Andale V 2 Comments
40 Make Me Shiver
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