Best Alabama Shakes Songs


The Top Ten

1 Hold On Hold On
2 Hang Loose Hang Loose
3 I Found You I Found You
4 Don't Wanna Fight
5 On Your Way
6 Heartbreaker
7 I Ain't the Same
8 Be Mine
9 Boys & Girls
10 Always Alright

The Contenders

11 Gimme All Your Love
12 You Ain't Alone
13 Future People
14 Rise to the Sun
15 Sound and Color

I know Brittany. She's my Mom's best friend.

16 Gemini

Don't know why isn't in the top 10!

17 This Feeling
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Top Remixes

1. Hold On
2. Hang Loose
3. I Found You
1. Don't Wanna Fight
2. Gimme All Your Love
3. Future People


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