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1 Pacific Eye & Ear

Pacific Eye and Ear with Ernie Cefalu at the helm and the creative team which included Drew, Bill Garland, Joe Petagno, Carl Ramsey, Ingrid Haenke and Joe Garnet, have created some of the most memorable and iconic albums covers of all times. Just to name a few...
Iron Butterfly, Scorching Beauty
Earth Wind & Fire, Open Our Eyes
Black Sabbath, Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath
Jefferson Airplane, Baron Von Tollbooth & the Chrome Nun
Alice Cooper, Greatest Hits
Alice Cooper, Welcome To My Nightmare
Tony Orlando and Dawn, To Be With You
Aerosmith, Toys in the Attic
West, Bruce and Laing, Whatever Turns You On
Alice Cooper, Billion Dollar Babies
The Bee Gees Main Course
I think the covers/bands/titles and artists speak for themselves and make
Pacific Eye and Ear in my opinion, part of rock history!

Ernie Cefalu, Owner & Senior Creative Director of Pacific Eye & Ear had a deeply personal perspective and vision of what this renowned company's illustrative artwork should impress upon the client and consumer in terms of palpable appeal in conjunction with the product contained within the custom packaging.

One need look no further than the extraordinary album cover designs that this company has created over the years to feel the tremendous impact, the essence of creative genius at a deeply personal level that was fostered by Ernie Cefalu and became a reality through himself and his remarkable illustrative team of artists. This remarkable hand-drawn and painted artwork was spellbinding and highly innovative setting Pacific Eye & Ear apart from industry competitors with a powerful brand of stunning images and custom packaging that would be embraced by the consumer with the same passion as they did for product content within.

As one privileged to have examined many of the ...more

The really cool thing about this album cover art form for me is that, in my life time I have witnessed its complete evolution. From its humble beginnings in the 30's and 40's paper sleeves with label holes we're how the records were packaged and sold, when I was just a small child. From that to a simple chipboard album cover front and back in the 50's. I then watched album packaging evolve to an interactive art form in the late 60's and early 70's it was a true coming of age. Only to be replaced with cassettes and tapes then a quantum leap into the 21st century with CD's and Blu Ray. But through it all The Fine Art Of Album Packaging never really died, it just got a whole lot smaller. All that being said and even in its smaller less interactive format Pacific Eye & Ears work still resonates loud and clear "Look At Me! " Pacific Eye & Ear and its artists didn't create album covers... They created Iconic History.

It is so tremendous to engage in so many wonderful and truly deserved praise heaped on your career of masterful artworks and advertising/marketing designs! Your dominance here goes without saying, Ernie Cefalu. Your lifelong dedication to your creative spirit and the amazing visuals that flow from the tips of your fingers, heart, and soul, is not only highly memorable but truly astonishing. May your passion continue for as long as you love to create for the ultimate connection!

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2 Hipgnosis

Great stuff!

3 Assorted Images
4 Art Hotel

. . . Because of the great designers that were there (Tommy Steele, Jeff Fey, Chris Whorf, Carol Roy, Jeff Lancaster, etc. )

Great people worked there and I always had a great time with them!

5 AGI - Album Graphics, Inc.

Two words, Mike Doud, a great designer and art director and a personal friend. His work for the Bebop Deluxe "Starburst Finish" album is famous. RIP Mike

6 Stylorouge
7 Push Pin Studios
9 Gribbitt!

Amazing people produced amazing work, with truly wide range of clients.

10 Rebeletter Studios - Jim Ford

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11 The Graffiteria
12 Rod Dyer, Inc.
13 Wonder Graphics
14 Cream
15 Pinwheel Studios
16 Shoot That Tiger!
17 Kittyhawk Graphics
18 Camouflage Productions
19 23 Envelope
20 DZN - The Design Group
21 Graphreaks
22 Maurer Productions
23 The Music Agency
24 Vigon Nahas Vigon
25 Davis Fried Krieger (DFK)
26 Visualeyes
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