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Ernie, every time I visit TheTopTens, I am acutely aware of the ardent and unwavering devotion that has been reflected through well over 500 comments in such a highly favorable manner. The votes tally to a consistently widening and overwhelming majority percentage over even the nearest (yet very distant) listed industry competitor.

If it was all strictly a matter of competitive edge, you stand tall and above and beyond so very many who may well harbor professional standing and qualification of their own yet the people have spoken, from the heart and soul, and the numbers, lofty as they are, tell a story far and away differing from even second from the'top'.

The people whose hearts and minds you have touched, among millions, for decades-long, have demonstrated the real story here, a representative love for what you do, what you stand for, what you have lived for in the pursuit of excellence in design and customer delivery. After all, the end-run is all about the people, ...more

Ernie, it is often something of a challenge to adequately express just how It is often something of a challenge to adequately express just how profoundly your company Pacific Eye & Ear's album cover designs affected me and millions of others and I hope what you have shared here does that profound experience some degree of justice that is so worthy of your career works of distinction and historical significance. To this day, when I hear the title track to 'Dream Of A Child' I am immediately taken back to those cherished first moments when I unwrapped this treasured album. I would need pages to fully recount those moments; suffice it to say they were truly influential and lasting impressions that will remain so close to heart and soul for all my years yet to come. And as for Burton Cummings, his performance of this spellbinding song has always left me really quite breathless and emotional, the same emotions that run so close to the surface when I see him sing this gorgeous song to this ...more

I've worked a long time as a photographer, but preceding that I was a consumer, just like anyone else. I grew up with the paste-up albums back in the 1960's, and not even knowing anything of this industry, I knew it had a "just slapped together" look to it. It certainly wasn't art. And what was on it was equally purile; things like what the band liked to eat, their favorite colors, etc. And then along came the true artists, people with a vision and the ability to execute on it. Ernie is one of these people.

I hadn't yet met Ernie Cefalu back in the 1970s, but I sure as heck experienced what he was trying to do through many of his album covers. What really stands out for me is the work he did with Cheech and Chong, and Alice Cooper. These weren't just albums, they were windows into the souls and the minds of the bands. How many of us would sit for hours, listening to the album and staring at the cover? How many of us would grab the cover out of a friend's hands so we ...more

I have heard you say in many interviews that "you hd been lucky enough to surround yourself with a creative team better than yourself. " They were indeed critically talented individuals Ernie, a sum of the whole. When there is a driving force of such tremendous creative spirit that force didn't happen by chance. Those named individuals deserve acclaim and notoriety but let's not forget for how it all began and continued to flourish. You truly deserve full credit as that driving force of inspiration.
You aggregated an incredible team and provided the environment that allowed that powerful creative force to emerge and thrive... That takes an incredibly driven, talented and dedicated individual to see that force multiply and grow without limitation. From concept to the finished product Ernie Cefalu, by his own words, has always put the client first above himself... That will be your lasting legacy and perhaps your greatest source of pride.

Pacific Eye & Ear's dynamic creative energies and inspiration were fostered from its founder and the collective iconic treasures that materialized are recognized and revered to this day and will be far into the future. For the student of creative arts today your masterpiece artworks, created through phenomenal hand drawn pencil artistry and extraordinary hand painting techniques and none of the digital imaging of later years has to be incredibly inspiring. Just studying the precision of each graphite pencil stroke and the gorgeous symmetry that you so lovingly embrace must be as profound an experience for those students as it is for anyone else who examines your artworks. The 'Fine Art of Rock' was never more evident than it was through the eyes, ears and vision of yourself and your colleagues during the tremendous years. And now, as we move forward the tribute and legacy lives on.

Well it goes without saying but we all know how critically important your beloved Pacific Eye & Ear and the creative projects that you and your team had produced have been throughout your career Ernie... Just magnificent works of art each and every one. Your illustrators have been second to none and the inspiration you have afforded everyone associated with your work has been truly blessed along the way. Creative genius doesn't just happen... It is born out of dreams and tremendous ambition and then it buds, it blossoms, it grows, it radiates like a rising sun... The seed is planted and, as a burgeoning photosynthesis, the process begins to multiply, infused with a seamless energy until it cascades as protons around the nucleus... It's radical, it's extraordinary, what it's creator wanted it to be... And so much more. Hope your birthday was fabulous Ernie. Cheers.

That The Rolling Stones' iconic logo continues to share prominence and preeminence as do the legends of rock themselves over four decades after its original inception is truly remarkable Ernie and even more so that millions readily identify with your historic visual in such a profoundly deep and personal way is extraordinary.

Your stunning prayer angels share in the realm of exemplary standards and highly personal impression. You and your company Pacific Eye & Ear stand amidst a select group of highly skilled, renowned artists and design companies of our time much as the Group of Seven...distinguished, revered and surely emulated by young and aspiring artists of the day.

Pacific Eye & Ear has created some of the most iconic interactive covers of all time. Covers like Alice Cooper's "Billion Dollar Babies, " The Jefferson Airplane's "Long John Silver" and The Doors "Full Circle" to name just a few. The companies Creative Director, Ernie Cefalu was the conceptual genius of the team and he also created the iconic Rolling Stones "Tongue Logo" and The "Jesus Christ Superstar" images as well... What a force to have to compete against! This list is a perfect reflection and total validation of what I have written about in my comment.

I am a music lover in my late 20's and have spent the last several months doing my homework about not only the bands back in the day but the amazing album covers and graphics that were created to support them. In my research two names kept popping up. The first was a company called (crazy enough) Pacific Eye & Ear and the second was it's Creative Director, Ernie Cefalu. Not knowing about either I began digging deeper and it terns out that the company was in the Top Three album cover design companies in the world but its Creative Director and his "Super Talented" group of creatives set the bar and standard for album cover concept and design, in the music industry in their time. My hat is off to both and even though I wasn't around for it what they created is not only iconic but will live on for as long as music does. Thank You

Well I guess we don't ever have to wonder what Pacific Eye, or its Creative Director/owner Ernie Cefalu would be creating today, because Ernie's still doing it! I just got my copy of the new Burton Cummings "Massey Hall" album (Amazon orders are backed up 2 weeks on this one) that Ernie designed and I am truly "Blown Away" with the powerful cover, great logo incorporation and the fold out is going up on my wall, GREAT JOB Ernie.

P.S. the album itself is a "TRUE & COMPLETE MASTERPIECE" Burton just like Ernie, never disappoints. Thank you both for giving us, the music fans PERFECTION both musically and artistically.

I have just attended Pacific Eye & Ear's "Fine Art Of Rock" originals show in Minneapolis, It was indeed a fabulous event. For myself... A remarkable, personally moving and significant afternoon of experiencing the outstanding artistic achievements of Ernie Cefalu and his remarkable illustrative team at Pacific Eye & Ear. I took many long moments with each original artwork that bore the mark of creative genius. I was moved and exhilarated in the same moment, in the seeing, the feeling, in the follow of every precisioned stroke. Guests slowly browsed, marvelled, spoke softly to each other with inspired utterance... They had shared something really quite special, significant. The day was a celebration of incredibly inspired creative artistry. It was Ernie's day.

Yes indeed as Ernie and Drew Struzan works go the ones they did together goes straight to the top of this fine collection not only in valuation but also that it is arguably the finest piece he worked on during his time with PEE. Together you revolutionized the industry and was without hesitation YOUR TIME TO SHINE. That shine lives on to this day. These originals will some day be worth a huge amount by virtue of the artist, a collector's dream to have, to hold and to own. There are few opportunities like this one in this day. It would interest friends here to know that on Alice Coopers "Welcome To My Nightmare" oil painting the red and black material that rounds the frame of this stunning artwork is actually material from Alice Cooper's stage costume when he performed years ago. This Jewel among gems warrants very close examination for good long moments to take in Drew Struzan's every pencil and brush stroke...remarkable.

Pacific Eye & Ear and Ernie, thank you once again for your tireless energy and incredibly inspired vision that channels through your heart and soul to fill our hearts with the joy of your work and the instilled desire to persevere in all we do for possibilities that are potentially afforded us with every tomorrow.

Have a wonderful New Year's Eve and all the very best throughout 2017 for you and Bonnie. May the year ahead bless you with every goodness that has graced your craft and the countless many whose lives and imaginations you have touched through all the years, a craft distinctly all your own.

Ernie, you are a Titan indeed. You are much too modest yet that is what has endeared so many of us to you. You could be the finest design artist in the history of the known world yet without being who you are the world's perception of you would be much different. You iconic works like The Rolling Stones Tongue and The Jesus Christ Superstar logos has, and continues to speak for itself. You fostered the incredible gift of so many of the greats through your own remarkable gift. You know me...I could write page after page of praise but titan is very suitably chosen by that writer, a title gracing a select few.

I was just on your "Top 10 survey for "Best Album Cover Designers" and saw that Ernie Cefalu, who was the owner and Creative Director of Pacific Eye & Ear, holds the #1 position there. Like this tally the number 1 position is held by a company and creative people that were directed by Ernie. I think that these two charts give complete and total validation without any reservation this company and its artists were responsible for a body of iconic work... Like no other. Congratulations are most certainly in order.

All these design firms were doing their work before I was even born, and were disbanded before I was old enough to love music. However I have been doing my homework (since finding this survey) and have come to realize that Pacific Eye & Ear was very well known "back in the day" and that the company today, has become iconic. But most importantly the soul of the company lived on, to this day creating some amazing work and an even more amazing legacy. Mr. Ernie Cefalu was and still is the soul and the heart of creativity.

Inarguably many of the most highly memorable, iconic album cover visuals of our time Ernie! What an amazing team you put together and the powerful inspiration and energy you fostered was second to none. Your clients, then and now, must be truly honoured and grateful for the highly responsive custom packaging that you have and continue to design to this day. The depth and generosity of these stunning images speaks so clearly about the engagement the consumer has awaiting within! Magic! - Don

Ernie Cefalu brought a powerful vision into Pacific Eye & Ear, fostering a tremendously inspired atmosphere in the pursuit of the best possible client services delivery and together they forged new frontiers and set the bar impossibly high to even emulate let alone ever surpass. In the true spirit of original, hand drawn and painted album cover and corporate design, Ernie Cefalu would eventually be a three-time Grammy Award nominee, highly renowned with countless awards and a portfolio that is second to none.

A vote here for Ernie Cefalu and Pacific Eye & Ear is testament to the love and respect for a legend's legacy. For any of you who bought album cover art through the 70's, 80's, 90's and beyond you know the genius that this man and his extraordinary team portrayed through many of the most iconic album cover art designs of our time. What we share here is just one of so many ways to celebrate one of a very few true heroes in this industry today.

Don Mac - donimac

What a stellar career this remarkably gifted cover design and advertising expert has had! High profile clients, superlative award winning and Grammy Award nominated (three times) visuals that clearly demonstrate why this 'point of connection expert' has been an industry leader for decades.

Ernie Cefalu's name is synonymous with the stuff of legend, renowned the world over for creating many of the most memorable album cover designs and advertising illustrations second to none. His artworks go far beyond commercial imaging... They are powerful testament to a lifetime achievement of himself and his extraordinary portfolio of esteemed and renowned clients who themselves are industry leaders.

Ernie Cefalu... Capturing the essence as no-one else can.

D. MacIver

When people take credit for things they didn't do like what has happened to you on several iconic designs, it's a crying shame Ernie... In some ways such a heartless industry. Still, you championed the industry by remaining true to your craft and the rest is history. You have tirelessly shared the whole truth and nothing but the truth publicly for years and without refute...that is as true as true gets. I'll tell you, when I bought that School's Out album I just thought that cover was one in a million! Such a cool visual that took me back to my elementary school days where I spent countless hours seated at a portable desk just like the one illustrated God Ernie, the memories that flood back through that one visual association! The iconic sounds of Alice Cooper speak for themselves. And Grand Funk Railroad...another album I bought early on and just loved it...they had such a distinctive sound and their hits were monster! 'We're An American Band' was huge for me. To see these ...more

Truly a stand-alone company. What a remarkable and immediately recognizable part of album cover history their works have become. The company is ICONIC along with the "Dream Team" of art. When I saw my first cover that was theirs, I was transfixed.

Today when I see their cover designs I am taken to another place and time, another world where the extraordinary was reserved for a select few. Thank you Pacific Eye & Ear for the great emotional connection.

I just found out that Pacific Eye & Ear's Creative Director Ernie Cefalu was also the designer of The Rolling Stones Tongue logo and The Jesus Christ Superstar Angels. These two logos are arguably the top two icons in the music business. Then there's all the iconic covers done during the Pacific Eye & Ear years, man almost any one of those covers would be a major spike in someone's career and here's a guy that spiked hundreds of times in his career... And to this day keeps on bring his "A" game every time! Great going Pacific Eye & Ear on your #1 position and being a breeding ground for some of the most creative designers and illustrators of the 21st century.

Ernie Cefalu developed and fostered creative artistic excellence through vision, heart and soul with every client project he undertook and the results are remarkable, iconic, distinctly his own through the decades and to this day he continues to bring an incredible touch of elegance and grace to his artworks unprecedented in his industry. His artistic impression will remain embedded as trademark for years and years to come. History will reflect most kindly on this gifted soul.

After seeing this list of great's I did some research and found out a lot about almost everyone in this survey. Low and behold its 100% spot on in its ranking. Yes there were a lot of great covers done by some on the list but nothing to compare with the consistency of Pacific Eye & Ear's accomplishments. To new people to this list, I strongly suggest that before you vote please do your homework and for the voters before me, who are Responsible for the current standings, you all get an "A"

In a world where more and more is artificial, digitally enhanced/created, doctored and more, isn't it wonderful that we lived through such a powerfully creative era where the artist's renderings were his/her sole creation, hand drawn and painted the way we know critically acclaimed artworks were and should be? Better still that you are an industry leader whose creative genius elevated you to the company you are now revered with. Thank you for everything you have accomplished and shared with millions through the years Ernie...a powerfully personal gift we can individually and collectively share and celebrate always!