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1 Ernie Cefalu

Your effectiveness has led to your success, Ernie Cefalu. You are passionate about any project you take on, which makes you as successful as you are and have always been. Granted, we have only known each other for a couple of years, and worked on a few projects together. A valid perception is that someone who has seen success on many levels rarely if ever deviates from what got them there. When you have the winning formula, why change it? Many know you from your work, and your live shows. As someone who has had the honour of working with you, I felt this was a valid contribution. I look forward to many more collaborations with you and our great team!
The greatest friend of truth is Time, her greatest enemy is Prejudice, and her constant companion is Humility. Eugene

What a crying shame some ways such a heartless industry. Still, you championed the industry by remaining true to your craft and the rest is history. You have tirelessly shared the whole truth and nothing but the truth publicly for years and without refute...that is as true as true gets. I'll tell you, when I bought that School's Out album I just thought that cover was one in a million! Such a cool visual that took me back to my elementary school days where I spent countless hours seated at a portable desk just like the one illustrated God Ernie, the memories that flood back through that one visual association! The iconic sounds of Alice Cooper speak for themselves. And Grand Funk Railroad...another album I bought early on and just loved it...they had such a distinctive sound and their hits were monster! 'We're An American Band' was huge for me. To see these gorgeous images again these past few years and now knowing their origin I am truly proud to have met and ...more

I've known you long enough and well enough to recognize a genuine person and friend. Your personality and love for your family and your career, and the incredible amount of sharing and communication you bestow on us here so generously and selflessly says it all. Trust is empowering and critical and I love you in return for you and nothing else, Ernie. You have such purpose in life and that alone is so incredibly inspiring! Don

Ernie, you and your company Pacific Eye & Ear had raised the bar for both album covers and corporate work wnen it came to great concept and execution. As a young designer I hope that I might be able to do the same. Thank you. David

2 Joe Petagno

He's did artwork for bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Nazareth, Motorhead, Marduk, Bal-Sagoth, and Sodom.

3 James Flournoy Holmes

Holmes has been able to translate
the rock zeitgeist for many decades.
A true artist.

I have #10/300 by James Flournoy Holmes... "Eat A Peach" One Of the best of All Time...

4 Abdul Mati Klarwein
5 Hugh Syme
6 Anthony Hudson
7 Marcus Keef

Massively influential on photographers... And an entire population of metal-fans... He did the first Sabbath cover. RESPECT!

8 Storm Thorgerson

8 seriously? look at all these Pink Floyd and Iron Maiden Covers. They're legends.

Why the hell is he this low I mean he could be lower but ten is his minimum. His solo pieces are great enough to take on Dali

Storm Thorgerson's Pink Floyd covers are the stuff of legends!

If Magritte did album covers.

9 Shusei Nagaoka
10 Milton Glaser
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11 Drew Struzan
12 Neon Park
13 John Berg
14 Derek Riggs

That man created Eddie (iron maiden's mascot).

So amazing… although people would say Derek's artwork is navy, violent and controversial, DEAL WITH IT! IT'S HEAVY METAL! Plus! The artwork has lots of meaning and hidden messages!

15 Cal Schenkel
16 Rod Dyer
17 Roger Dean
18 Frank Frazetta
19 Rick Griffin
20 Malcolm Garrett
21 Lockart (Bob Lockart)
22 John Cabalka
23 Mick Haggerty
24 Alton Kelley
25 Stanley Mouse
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