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1 Ernie Cefalu

Well here we are folks. My friend Ernie Cefalu is launching a new business venture and tonight shared with us a spot on YouTube to reflect his excitement as things get rolling. I'm proud to share this with you tonight. Over the course of Ernie's career in record album cover design (and corporate client design work as well) he and his associates/illustrative staff have created a vast portfolio of highly acclaimed design works over the years, so many that are immediately recognizable. He and his top illustrative artists have become world renowned leaders in their industry and we are proud of his many past successes and look with eager anticipation to the future as Ernie moves forward with yet another ambitious and just as surely successful business venture.

At Pacific Eye & Ear Ernie fostered a tremendous environment where creative genius burgeoned and he and his associates developed a remarkable portfolio of album cover art and corporate designs that were second to none, award ...more

By far one of the leaders and legends in Album cover design and production, Ernie molded the shape of the 70's and 80's with such Iconic albums and rock logos for Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, the Doors, Cheech and Chong, George Carlin, and many bands, and performers, Ernie designed the Rolling Stones famous red tongue, and with over 250 album covers, while working without a computer, or any digital assistance, as it was not invented yet, all Ernie's art was hand created and drawn, with skilled artists, with photography added. While also running a corporate client division, with large commercial projects, Ernie was the "go to person", for concept, design, and visual and graphic arts, a wonderful creative mind.

Every single one of these gorgeous original pieces is a testament to tremendous artistic merit and achievement. I am blessed to possess several of these masterful prints. The colors, the texture, music legends brought to life through hand-drawn and painted original artworks created by numerous of the most celebrated artists of our time. Picture these gems among jewels framed and hung in your home space for all to marvel. Timeless images, these stunning visuals have touched the lives of millions over decades, back to our young adulthood and beyond to rebirth the memory of significant moments attached to the very timeless music that has touched our heart and soul. These images are a piece of history, music history, life history for so many of us. Ernie Cefalu; explore and discover the man and his lifelong career that has reshaped the craft of engaging and invoking emotional response...

Friends, just pause for good long moments to let "Of All Time' resonate; the significance of any achievement of this magnitude is huge. Industry leaders are exceptional in their own distinctive, stand-alone way. Ernie distinguished himself in this league long, long ago. A career 'in-demand' front to back and to this day is extremely rare. Inspired and truly inspiring, this creative genius is a tremendous mentor and influence on any aspiring individual who wants more.

Every day that I wake, I see that dynamic, iconic Rolling Stones logo, framed and hung so proudly on my wall at home; a constant companion and reminder of possibilities. I have known the good graces of working with this gentle giant. He has touched my heart as a wonderful friend, inspired me immeasurably on a professional level and reminds me every single day how important personal focus and perseverance are in a world so highly competitive and oftentimes unforgiving.

From the bottom of my heart to ...more

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2 Joe Petagno

He's did artwork for bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Nazareth, Motorhead, Marduk, Bal-Sagoth, and Sodom.

3 James Flournoy Holmes

Holmes has been able to translate
the rock zeitgeist for many decades.
A true artist.

I have #10/300 by James Flournoy Holmes... "Eat A Peach" One Of the best of All Time...

4 Abdul Mati Klarwein
5 Hugh Syme
6 Anthony Hudson
7 Marcus Keef

Massively influential on photographers... And an entire population of metal-fans... He did the first Sabbath cover. RESPECT!

8 Storm Thorgerson

Why the hell is he this low I mean he could be lower but ten is his minimum. His solo pieces are great enough to take on Dali

Storm Thorgerson's Pink Floyd covers are the stuff of legends!

If Magritte did album covers.

9 Shusei Nagaoka
10 Milton Glaser

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11 Drew Struzan
12 Neon Park
13 John Berg
14 Cal Schenkel
15 Derek Riggs

That man created Eddie (iron maiden's mascot).

So amazing… although people would say Derek's artwork is navy, violent and controversial, DEAL WITH IT! IT'S HEAVY METAL! Plus! The artwork has lots of meaning and hidden messages!

16 Rod Dyer
17 Roger Dean
18 Frank Frazetta
19 Rick Griffin
20 Malcolm Garrett
21 Lockart (Bob Lockart)
22 John Cabalka
23 Mick Haggerty
24 Alton Kelley
25 Stanley Mouse
26 Victor Moscoso
27 Norman Seeff
28 Dean Torrence
29 Paul Whitehead
30 Jim Ladwig
31 Charles White III
32 Ed Caraeff

Great Artist Ever

33 Tom Wilkes
34 Ed Repka
35 Jimmy Wachtel
36 Dave McMacken

Zappa! The Beatles! Many others.

37 Rodney Matthews
38 Jim Welch
39 Mark Wilkinson
40 Eric Philippe
41 Craig Braun
42 Kosh (John Kosh)
43 Ed Thrasher
44 Paula Scher
45 John Van Hamersveld
46 Phil Hartmann
47 Klaus Voorman

He did the cover for the Beatles album "Revolver. " This guy knows his stuff. -

48 Seymour Chwast
49 David Larkham
50 Tom Nikosey
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