Best Album Covers of 2011


The Top Ten

1 Dream With Me - Jackie Evancho

The Girl. The Dream. The Beauty. - BobG

This being at the top is just ridiculous. It's a photo of the singer, nothing more. - naFrovivuS

2 Wasting Light - Foo Fighters
3 Love? - Jennifer Lopez
4 Crystalline - Bjork
5 I'm With You - Red Hot Chili Peppers

This one of the most simple and at the same time amazing covers I've ever seen!

6 Walk the River - Guillemots

Beautiful and mysterious, I love this album before actually hearing it. I could put this on my wall and be happy to look at it forever.

Haunting image! The photograph (? ) makes me to want to rush out and buy this album. I hope the music is as good as the artwork!

Nice... the cover, I mean. Actually, I checked out a couple of tracks on Amazon, and first listen: The music is good too!

Awesome photo.. Never seen an album cover like this before. Very Dreamy, and mystical. Wow...

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7 Seefeel - Seefeel
8 Musica Alma Sexo - Ricky Martin
9 Within and Without - Washed Out

I don't know about this one... But um! I I'm in love with this cover...
It looks totally sexy! - captain-winner

10 Hunger - Frankie & The Heartstrings

The Contenders

11 Unbroken - Demi Lovato
12 Evanescence - Evanescence
13 Bon Iver - Bon Iver
14 Dum Spiro Spero - Dir en grey
15 The Hunter - Mastodon
16 In Waves - Trivium
17 Heritage - Opeth
18 Unto the Locust - Machine Head
19 4 - Beyonce

Critics said that 4 contained such great artistry and that came out not only in the music but in the pictures including the cover. It's a great album cover! - fisto77

20 Neighborhoods - Blink 182
21 Iconoclast - Symphony X
22 El Camino - The Black Keys
23 When the Sun Goes Down - Selena Gomez
24 Femme Fatale - Britney Spears
25 Awakening - Jackie Evancho

Just Jackie, now as a teen angel. - BobG

26 The Black Crown - Suicide Silence
27 Until We Have Faces - Red
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